Nonfiction cryptozoology books on extant pterosaurs

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Four notable non-fiction cryptozoology books (with at least some emphasis on sightings of apparent living pterosaurs) are in print or available by publishing-on-demand. I list them here in order of Amazon sales for the combined months of May-June, 2010, with “market share” under the assumption that non-Amazon sales are similar and referring to these four books […]

Part two: Cliff Paiva report (two indava lights)

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The video footage obtained by Paul Nation, (late-2006 expedition, Papua New Guinea) was analyzed by the physicist Cliff Paiva (BSM Associates, California). The mountains where Nation observed the indava lights was just a little south of where Evelyn Cheesman had observed similar strange lights decades earlier. From page four (Whitcomb’s explanation for technical details of the […]

Non-fiction book on living pterosaurs in the U.S.

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Live Pterosaurs in America (2009, nonfiction) [second edition: Nov, 2010; third edition: Nov, 2011] is still [early 2010] more popular on than most of the many nonfiction cryptozoology books. Here is the main text of the title page: Reports of giant flying “ptero-dactyls” in American skies—these have floated around the internet for years; but they had been mostly […]

small pile of books: "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" by Jonathan Whitcomb

Third Edition of Searching for Ropens

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A true-life adventure in cryptozoology–that focus, in the third edition of the non-fiction book Searching for Ropens, will replace the creationist emphasis in previous editions. (A new book will cover religious and philosophical perspectives regarding living pterosaurs.) Traditional book publishing requires clear genre positioning, and the first two editions of SFR (published-on-demand) were mixed, emphasizing both […]