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Whitcomb is interviewed for television and opposes shooting a pterosaur

The Ropen and Evolution

A common criticism thrown at me and my associates relates to the age of the earth and evolution. Our critics will sometimes ridicule the idea that non-extinct pterosaurs “disprove” evolution or prove that the world is 6,000 years old. What they fail...

Jonathan David Whitcomb, at home in Long Beach, California

Are Pterosaurs “Still Dead?”

Last year, three persons ridiculed me, Jonathan Whitcomb, in three online posts, each one depending on an earlier post or web page with similar disdain for the concept of modern pterosaurs. But it was more than simple ridicule: I consider it libel. Let’s...

Australia and Papua New Guinea stamps on passport

“Stupid Dinosaur Lies” or Truth?

Within the past few weeks, at least two posts have accused me, Jonathan Whitcomb, of deceiving people. The second writer, “idoubtit,” seems to have been convinced by the first one, Dr. Donald Prothero, regarding my online writing behavior. But when Prothero responded to me,...