The left photo is genuine; the right one is a hoax

Book About the Pteranodon Photograph

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Before getting into the new book, Modern Pterosaurs, about the Ptp photograph, let’s consider the hoax image that has caused confusion: The Freakylinks photo. Glen Kuban, a critic of living-pterosaur investigators for years, made a mistake regarding Ptp in his long online publication “Living Pterodactyls.” (He also made many other errors in that page, so […]

pixel-width sizes of belt buckles and buttons were measured

More Evidence for the “Civil War Pterodactyl Photo”

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By Jonathan D. Whitcomb, expert on sighting reports of apparent modern pterosaurs . Background On January 14, 2017, Clifford Paiva (physicist) and I agreed that this photograph (now labeled “Ptp”) contains a genuine photographic image of a modern pterosaur. Criticisms by skeptics have been answered, and we found additional evidence for the veracity of this […]

More credible of the two apparent Civil War photos of a large pterosaur and some soldiers

Old Photo of a Pterosaur Declared Genuine

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By modern-pterosaur expert Jonathan David Whitcomb Official Announcement of a Joint Declaration On Saturday, January 14, 2017, the missile defense physicist Clifford Paiva and I communicated by phone and mutually agreed that the image herein labeled “Pteranodon Photograph” contains a genuine image of a modern pterosaur, regardless of the specific species or type of pterosaur that it […]

Whitcomb is interviewed for television and opposes shooting a pterosaur

The Ropen and Evolution

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A common criticism thrown at me and my associates relates to the age of the earth and evolution. Our critics will sometimes ridicule the idea that non-extinct pterosaurs “disprove” evolution or prove that the world is 6,000 years old. What they fail to mention, however, is that they construct a sentence or two, in their own […]

Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn

Origin of Reports of Ropen Pterosaurs

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Where do reports of ropens come from? If anyone believed the bulverism of several online writers—careless critics—in late-2014, I (Jonathan Whitcomb) may appear to be the source of almost all accounts of those long-tailed featherless flying creatures. That would be a distorted view of reality. Let’s begin with a sighting in New Guinea. July 7th is the birthday of […]

hug feels awkward between two T-Rex friends

Neutron Capture in Carbon-Dated Dinosaur Bones? That’s Way Too Awkward

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Awkward Explanation for Carbon-14 Dated Dinosaurs Some scientists are feeling awkward trying to get their hands around a T-Rex type dinosaur that appears much younger than it “should be.” The Allosaurus remains in question were excavated in 1989 in Colorado. This type of large theropod dinosaur was supposed to have lived 150-155 million years ago, according to popular theory, during the late Jurassic period. The […]

Australia and Papua New Guinea stamps on passport

“Stupid Dinosaur Lies” or Truth?

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Within the past few weeks, at least two posts have accused me, Jonathan Whitcomb, of deceiving people. The second writer, “idoubtit,” seems to have been convinced by the first one, Dr. Donald Prothero, regarding my online writing behavior. But when Prothero responded to me, he appeared to reveal two sources for his conviction that I have used deception, and […]

"Adahmeve" means marriage between a man and a woman

“No New Evidence” for Living Pterosaurs?

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I’ve just been notified of a post on “Doubtful News” in which I am accused of deceiving people and then admitting the deceit. What nonsense! For the moment, set aside the “sock puppet” accusation, reference to the self-publishing of one of my books, and my religious beliefs; just look at what’s in the third sentence of that post: “… the […]

"Norman Huntington" and "Nathaniel Coleman" are pseudonyms for the nonfiction author Jonathan David Whitcomb

Who is Norman Huntington?

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Pen Names Both “Norman Huntington” and “Nathaniel Coleman” are pseudonyms. Who is behind them and why were those names used? That requires an introduction. Can a writer legitimately and honestly use a pseudonym, AKA a pen name? A variety of conditions can validate this old practice, including getting attention to the writing itself rather than the gender […]

"A quest for discovering modern pterosaurs" - bac of the cover of the non-fiction book

Don’t get “Strung Along” by the Smithsonian Myth About Ropens

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This is a reply to “Don’t Get Strung Along by the ‘Ropen’ Myth.” The Smithsonian’s blog post supports what I call a “myth” regarding the total extinction of all varieties of pterosaurs. Regardless of how many have become extinct, some still survive. So where is the scientific evidence for the universal extinction of all species […]