Until at least the beginning of 2014, the ropen has been considered a cryptid, not offically acknowledged in Western biology as a verified living animal Ropen Fiery Flying Serpent More on Fiery Flying Serpents Recent Sightings "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" Credibility of Eyewitnesses
According to the book Searching for Ropens and Finding God, “A modern pterosaur with Rhamphorhynchoid characteristics” is the definition of “ropen,” in other words, it has a long tail and is featherless, appearing to be a descendent of pterosaurs related to those known from fossils of those flying creatures.
The above images relate to four sightings, two in Cuba and two in Papua New Guinea. Brian Hennessy saw a “prehistoric” flying creature on Bougainville Island, in 1971. About twenty-three years later, the Umboi Island native Gideon Koro saw a similar creature, many miles to the west of Hennessy’s ropen sighting. Around 1965, Patty Carson saw a similar creature at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She drew a sketch of the featherless long-tailed “dinosaur.” A few years after her sighting, the U.S. Marine Eskin Kuhn saw two “pterodactyls” flying in from the sea at Guantanamo Bay. He immediately drew of sketch of the two flying creatures. Although it is speculative to assign all four sightings to the same species, the similarities are striking. Carson was the only one close enough, among these sightings, to see the many small teeth. Why should these flying creatures not be of the same species? What would prevent such large ropens from flying across the world, as they pleased? Some smaller birds can migrate for great distances, even thousands of miles. Ropens in Africa The following is from the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens and Finding God: “One evening in July of 1988, we had some guest over the house. . . . The guest were in the living room . . . and my aunt was in the kitchen preparing the tea and cookies . . . She asked me to bring the tray of tea, cookies, sugar & spoons to the guest...So I took the tray walked through the open hallway and proceeded to the living room. [This was in Sudan, Africa.] “When I got to the patio [at night], I noticed something on the roof of my uncle’s room. . . . the patio has one of those long cylinder like light bulbs that light up the whole patio, and the roof is only 10 feet or less from the ground. I was . . . about 10 feet away from it. It was perched about 5 feet from the light bulb. I seen it very clearly and got a good look at it. “It was very large, about 4 or 5 feet in height. It . . . [had] no feathers. It was leathery looking. It had a large long, wide beak and the classic appendage (the long bone looking thing sticking out the back of its head). . . . It had really large black claws and its tail looked like a lion’s tail . . . very long and had a bushy or hairy tip. . . .” [Read the book to see what happened.]
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ropen sketch by Carson
Eyewitness Patty Carson
ropen sketch by Eskin Kuhn
Gideon saw a giant ropen
Eyewitness Hennessy