Ropen Poetry by Whitcomb

What flies in the night
As it glows?
Bigger than fireflies and bats
Who knows?
Bigger than barn owls
Dark as the crows
But never with feathers
Who knows?

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3 comments on “Ropen Poetry by Whitcomb

  1. john mcdermott on said:

    I like poetry and living pterodacyls…I’m a young earth creationists!

  2. john mcdermott on said:

    Pterodactyls are God’s creation
    Pterodacyls we’re waiting to find one, o the anticipation
    they’re reddish color with no feather
    they can live in the remote climate with extreme weather
    Pterodacyls have bioluminesence
    interesting phenomenon this is their essence
    I’m predicting that they’ll be found near lake pung
    We’ll track them by their droppings, find their dung
    What’s better than finding a pterodactyl?
    A mokele-Mbembe?…who knows
    We live in God’s creation, anything goes!

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