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“Stupid Dinosaur Lies” or Truth?

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Within the past few weeks, at least two posts have accused me, Jonathan Whitcomb, of deceiving people. The second writer, “idoubtit,” seems to have been convinced by the first one, Dr. Donald Prothero, regarding my online writing behavior. But when Prothero responded to me, he appeared to reveal two sources for his conviction that I have used deception, and […]

Cliff Paiva ropen light report, part one

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Cliff Paiva, a missile defense physicist, examined the video footage Paul Nation recorded in the late-2006 expedition on the mainland of Papua New Guinea. Paiva conducted his study from December, 2006, until about late February, 2007, and eventually came to a number of conclusions regarding the two lights in the video. See Pterosaur Sightings in Papua New […]

David Woetzel, American cryptozoologist and explorer

Woetzel ropen sighting of 2004

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“Ropen” is what natives of Umboi Island call the nocturnal flying creature, and legends abound. Most eyewitnesses have only seen it from a distance, at night, and they describe a strange flying light. David Woetzel led the second ropen expedition on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, late in 2004, accompanied by fellow-American cryptozoologist Garth Guessman. […]

small pile of books: "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" by Jonathan Whitcomb

Third Edition of Searching for Ropens

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A true-life adventure in cryptozoology–that focus, in the third edition of the non-fiction book Searching for Ropens, will replace the creationist emphasis in previous editions. (A new book will cover religious and philosophical perspectives regarding living pterosaurs.) Traditional book publishing requires clear genre positioning, and the first two editions of SFR (published-on-demand) were mixed, emphasizing both […]