Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn

Woodpeckers, Flintstones, and Long-Tailed Pterosaurs

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Reply to a Post by Dale A. Drinnon: “Cuban Pterosaurs?” How far some skeptics will go to find a non-pterosaur explanation for pterosaur sightings! Featherless long-tailed flying creatures with long bony head crests are not misidentifications of woodpeckers, but there is more. Dale Drinnon has made some apparently accurate generalizations about the two main groups of […]

color illustration of three Imperial Woodpeckers in a forest

California Ropens – Are They Woodpeckers?

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I am actually grateful that one skeptic brought up a woodpecker interpretation for sightings of apparent pterosaurs on the west coast of the United States . . . sort of. It kicked me off my comfortable couch, to search for more information about woodpeckers and other birds, and to learn about pterosaurs that perch and birds that do not perch. Thank […]

Was it a Giant Prehistoric Bird?

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We need to be careful not to jump to conclusions when an eyewitness reports a sighting with one or more of the following words: Giant prehistoric bird Huge bird without feathers Large dinosaur bird Big Thunderbird If some reports of large flying creatures come from sightings of modern pterosaurs—I proclaim, in a number of blogs and books, […]

Misidentification or Live Pterosaurs?

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What’s wrong with the idea that sightings of apparent living pterosaurs are misidentifications of birds or bats? On the surface, it sounds reasonable; after all, our Western culture is drenched in the idea that all pterosaurs and dinosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago. But look just beneath the surface and we find problems. […]