side-by-side front covers of two cryptozoology books by Whitcomb

Nonfiction Books About Living Pterosaurs

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By the living-pterosaur cryptozoologist Jonathan David Whitcomb Quotations from three nonfiction cryptozoology books Searching for Ropens and Finding God (4th edition) . . . avoid ridiculing those labeled creationist. . . . When in human history has one person always been wrong? [Introduction] Albert Schweitzer inspired me, earlier in my teenage years, when I read of […]

nonfiction book by Jonathan Whitcomb: "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" - third edition

“Dinosaur Books” and Searching for Ropens

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Nobody who understands the distinction between dinosaurs and pterosaurs thinks of the ropen as a dinosaur. But whether or not it’s a pterosaur—that has been controversial. My first book, Searching for Ropens, a spiritual-cryptozoology cross-genre, is now in its second edition, with a revised and expanded third edition in preparation. It was written entirely on […]

Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur sketch

Flying Dinosaur

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Of course we mean “pterosaur” when we say “flying dinosaur,” but people use various words and phrases when they refer to this featherless flying creature, and “pterosaur” or “pterodactyl” can be hard to spell. Other common words and phrases people in English-speaking countries use are these: dragon dinosaur bird prehistoric bird Here is a living-pterosaur […]

Only One Kind of Discovery for Smithsonian

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Regarding pterosaurs, the only kind of discovery allowed by the Smithsonian is the fossil kind. Apparently no number of eyewitness accounts of living pterosaurs can sway their minds. It’s been many months since Brian Switek’s Smithsonian Magazine online post, “Don’t Get Strung Along by the Ropen Myth,” but they have not budged from their dogmatic […]

The Alchemist and Live Pterosaurs in America

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How can the nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America be related to Paulo Coelho’s worldwide best-selling allegorical fiction The Alchemist? Certainly not in book sales, and it’s not a direct relationship; it’s in what Coelho calls a “personal calling.” I don’t want to give away an important surprise for those who have not yet read The Alchemist, but it’s in how something in a […]

Third Edition of Live Pterosaurs in America

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The third edition of my nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America is undergoing final editing on the cover and the interior. Perhaps the most notable improvement is the addition of details on the 1965 sighting by Patty Carson: the “Gitmo pterosaur” in Cuba. Previous editions had nothing about this sighting at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. […]

Pterosaur Book About to be Published

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The second edition of a nonfiction book on pterosaurs, Live Pterosaurs in America, is nearing completion, probably becoming available on Amazon in November, 2010. Several additions to this cryptozoology book make this revised edition more valuable. Sighting in Cuba Although the Guantanamo Bay military station in Cuba is not part of the United States, the 1971 sighting […]