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I’ve never interviewed this eyewitness, but I find the report interesting; it is by “Stew,” who was visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 2000. (“pterodactyl” sighting details) I hope that he will someday get in touch with me.

” . . . about one and a half miles away, a huge black bird-like creature came from the more mountainous region to my left, and flew toward the ocean . . . wingspan about equal to the length of the taller palm trees, I thought about 30 to 40 feet. The wings moved very slowly, almost touching on the downward swing . . .”

I believe RM-2 has information about another sighting in Mexico. [Blog Intro]

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2 comments on “Sightings in Mexico

  1. I have the following information on a sighting of a possible pterosaur in Mexico,from The INFO Journal Winter 1995. The short article was by Dr Rafael Lara Palmeros:

    Strange Creature Falls from a Cloud:

    A very bizarre event took place in El Pital,Mozutla (Veracruz State)on March 16th 1994.Four residents of El Pital-Abundio Luna,Anastacio Garcia,Francisco San Martin,and Adrian Juarez Hernandez-claim to have seen an unusual dark cloud close to the ground,from which they later saw a dragon-like creature (resembling an “iguana” emerge. “The creature was large and long(5 feet/1.5 metres)scaly,gray,with two big tusks in the muzzle”,stated the four witnesses to a reporter from the local newspaper. The authorities made an extensive search,but they were unable to find any trace of the creature.Admitedly this doesn`t sound like a pterosaur,but who knows?

  2. Thank you, RM-2. It sounds interesting, but, as you said, it doesn’t sound like a pterosaur; nevertheless, we can keep this open for some cryptozoologist to investigate, as the location is precise and the eyewitnesses may still be living.