San Fernando sightings of glowing creatures

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This week I received a sighting report from Sun Valley, California. It resembles an account from nearby Sherman Oaks, in that a large flying creature seems to be glowing. Here’s an excerpt from the Sun Valley report:

It was late in the evening almost dark but not quite there still visible. I was walking from my car to my house [in Sun Valley] and something in the sky caught my eye. My girlfriend also looked up and right away said is that a bat but she wears glasses so she has trouble seeing how close objects are. What caught my eye was the bright radiation like light coming from the belly of this Pterodactyl looking animal. I seen it fly right above us maybe 150 -200 feet  and this thing wasn’t no bat it was bigger with large wing span and when it flapped its wings it was kind of a slow lazy flap kind of gliding through the air. The animal radiated light from the bottom like when something is wet and you flash a light on it the light reflects back and shimmers. . . .

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