Flying Creature Sightings in Georgia

Cooler weather does not mean pterosaur sightings come to a halt, for they continue. This past Wednesday, January 2, 2013, I received an email from an eyewitness in Missouri. The sighting was not old: “about 45 minutes ago.” But the present hot spot for sightings, in the past few weeks of cooler weather, is the state of Georgia, with two sightings in December of 2012.

The following are some of the words of David Schroder (who has given me permission to use his name), of northern Georgia:

[In] July of 2010, My wife and I were sitting outside when motion from above the tree tops to our left caught my attention; it’s very hard to explain how I felt at that moment. We were looking at two extremely large birds flying together and heading north . . . I can only guess to be 15-20′ wing spans and the motion of their wings as they flew was very slow. The head was long and ended in a point; wings ended in a point and appeared to be featherless . . .

Anyway, it happened again yesterday [Dec 9, 2012], this time there were three of us who saw this bird fly over, in plain sight, in daylight, up close . . .

. . . I have been trying to contact a whole lot of people (with not much success) I don’t know how to say this any other way except that I have seen these very large birds that don’t even come close to looking like anything else I’ve ever seen. I believe them to be Pterosaurs or something similar to them. . . . I have seen three of these birds in the past year and a half, I have also heard them. . . .

This last sighting has sparked me to do something about it. There were two other people with me when I saw the last one; this was three days ago. I am intent on identifying these large birds. This is not a joke, I, we have seen something that is not supposed to be here! . . .

We need to keep this in mind: When Mr. Schroder says “birds,” his description of the flying creatures includes:

  • “appeared to be featherless”
  • wingspans of about fifteen to twenty feet
  • “the head was long and ended in a point”


looking down a mountain-side of forest in the state of Georgia

Forested hills in Georgia, USA


Sightings in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

Although pterosaur sightings are reported across the contiguous 48 states of the USA, the southeast has enough of a similarity of environment to suggest the “pterodactyls” seen in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, may be similar species or even the same species.


State of Georgia is Hot

Along with his wife and some friends, Schroder has seen this flying creature, most recently on December 9, 2012.


Live Pterosaurs in South-East U.S.A.

Apparent pterosaurs in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina


“Another Pterosaur Sighting in Georgia”

On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, a lady was driving with her two sons on Highway 27, in Franklin, Georgia, around 8:15 a.m., when they saw what she called a “flying dinosaur.”


Cover, back and front, of Live Pterosaurs in America - nonfiction book

Non-fiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition

For the previous (second) edition, an Amazon review includes:

This is an updated review of the book and I am changing my rating to 5 stars. . . . I pick it up every now and then and a part of me becomes more impressed by the book every time. Yes, the skeptics will laugh at it, but I am a skeptic too. . . .  I remember stumbling on this subject (cryptozoology, living dinosaurs, extinct animals) in recent years. I always find myself fascinated by the subject. I remember hearing stories for the first time. Wait?? Some people claim to have seen dinosaurs and pterodactyl like animals today and in the past?? I couldn’t get enough and their are so few books on the subject. I highly recommend this. . . . Whitcomb painstakingly reviews every account for credibility and reason. This man is not a crank. He tries to weed out would be hoaxes and miss-identification. . . . Yes, it as a lot to take in. My first thought about these creatures was, “Well, I guess it could be possible because new guinea is very secluded and actually one of the few remaining lost worlds”. Whitcomb will have you suspending disbelief again as he shares his collection of personal accounts from Americans. . . . If you are interested in reading about this subject, this is definitely the book to get . . . This is well written and very hard to put down.