“Pterodactyl” Sightings in 2012

We now review sightings in 2012, although the following are only a fraction of the encounters this year. Statistics for “pterodactyl” sightings in general (for all years) include a surprising result: For those reporting the number of eyewitnesses to a sighting (85%), only 47% involved a lone eyewitness; 53% of the sightings involved multiple eyewitnesses. This suggests hallucination-contamination of reports has negligible influence, if any, on the data.

Now for some sightings in 2012 (most of them with English corrections by me):

Bioluminescent Flying Creature in Caribbean

My husband and I were on a cruise sailing from Tortola to Saint Martin [March of 2012] and my husband was sitting on the balcony around 11:30 pm and saw a glow in the sky and then woke me up to see it . . . I witnessed the flying bird glow and fly toward the ship glowing, glowing, glowing. To our amazement we were the only ones who witnessed this site and no one seems to believe us.

Pasadena, Texas

I have seen them; they look like bats but flap their wings way different than birds do… And they have a red-orange bioluminescent body… First time I spotted one was somewhere on Nov, 2011; last time I saw two of them together, a week ago [mid-March, 2012].

Sighting by Truck Driver in Oklahoma

The truck driver also noticed something at the end of the tail, what he called a “blunt end.” He could not make out any detail, but acknowledged that it could have been what other eyewitnesses describe. In other words, he was sure that there was some kind of structure at the end of the tail.

The flying creature in Oklahoma was not likely a Frigate bird, for the eyewitness examined photos of that kind of bird and told me, “not close at all.” (I had sent him a number of photos of Frigate birds.)

“Ropen” catching fish in Arizona

I was visiting Arizona [in June of 2012] and I . . . [paddled] around a lake . . . While on the lake I noticed some very large birds in the sky. I thought they were vultures at first but these birds were landing on the sides of a shear cliff like a spider on a wall. These were creatures I had never seen before. I took photographs. . . . After investigating online, I learned that I was looking at a lost creature I was watching a ropen.

These creatures were very active around dusk. They were feeding off of small fish along the shoreline. And it appeared that they lived in crevices on the cliff.

Sighting in Franklin, Georgia (unedited) — It had a long tail

Wed 18 2012 my two sons n i was traveling down Hwy 27 n Franklin Georgia around 8:15 or so in the morning…when i looked up n saw a flyin dinosaur..I was so shocked at what i was seein i started yealing to my sons to look up look up..i ask my oldest ..do u see what im seeing..n he goes..Wow..in i go what do u see..cause i wanted to make sure i could belive my own eyes n he goes..it looks like a Terradactyl…in i go…yeah it looks like a dinosaur to me too and dats my n my son story n we’re stickin to it.

Sightings in Virginia

I have recently [had] two sightings. One a couple of weeks ago [mid-July, 2012], by myself I saw two flying. Then this Sunday in about the same place, my daughter and I saw one fairly close up flying in the opposite direction. These were all seen while traveling on a highway.

The most obvious feature was the diamond or spade tipped tail, I have not found any creature that compares. My first sighting was far enough away that I couldn’t rule out man made gliders, imitation, but the last sighting moved in such away that it was highly unlikely to be fake.


highway in rural Virginia

Country highway in Virginia



Whitcomb on Radio Talk Show in Australia

On September 25th [2012], I was interviewed, by telephone, by Aaron Wright of Mysterious Universe, in Australia. It was not a live radio show but was audio-edited and broadcast (or published) on a podcast . . .

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  1. Hi,

    For the sighting near the lake in Arizona, have you seen the photographs of the creatures that were sighted by the eye witness?


    1. The eyewitness has not yet sent me any photos. Thank you for the reminder about this. I have been very busy with recent sightings in the state of Georgia these past few days. Feel free to remind me about the AZ sighting sometime later, if you like.

      There have been several sighting reports (re: AZ) in the past few months. AZ does deserve attention.

  2. I was about 14 years old, 1973, walking in the woods in Placerville, CA., it was then I too saw a “Pterodactyl”. The bird landed high in a tree but there was no mistake what it was. Because of my young age nobody believed me. It is exciting now because of the Internet to know other people are seeing what I saw. I am here to tell you all that “Pterodactyls” are alive and well living here the United States.

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