Recent Reports, Sightings in North America

New York State Pterosaur

I recently interviewed a man who was informed of a sighting of a live pterosaur on Long Island, New York (this is indirect, for I have not interviewed the eyewitness himself).

The creature was referred to in terms like “dinosaur-flying-reptile.” The sighting was at a long stretch of beach, perhaps Lido Beach, on Long Island. A number of eyewitnesses saw it soaring above the beach, and one or more observers tried to take photos of it.  People thought, at first, that it might be a kite, but it soon became apparent that it was not moving like a kite, and it had no string attached.

The creature’s wingspan, tip-to-tip, was around seven to ten feet. The head had a long beak and something “pointy” at the back of the head. It was a clear day.

Dallas, Texas, Live Pterosaur Sighting

Two persons were positive that what they had witnessed flying overhead one night was a ropen or pterosaur.  At first, they thought it was just a huge bird, but soon concluded that it was too big to be a bird. The wingspan was about twenty feet. Said one of the eyewitnesses, “I am very much a believer that they do still exist.”

Pterosaur in British Columbia, Canada

A lady in British Columbia saw what she thinks was a ropen. She told me, “I don’t know what else it could have been. . . . I understand that the Ropen is nocturnal but I saw this creature during the day about 2:30 pm so maybe i’m wrong . . .”

The creature was larger than any bird the eyewitness had ever before seen. It had a long tail “with something on the end of it just like the Ropen. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the wings and they weren’t feathers, they were like huge bat wings.”

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  1. In context, I receive emails from around the world, regarding sightings of apparent living pterosaurs. It happens that most emails are from the 48 contiguous states of the USA, perhaps partially because so many Americans view English web pages and can find my pages and easily contact me.

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