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Flying Creatures and Missing Persons

People go missing for a number of reasons. The following relates to some of the strangest cases, with an explanation that may shock many and appear unbelievable to others. Over the past eleven years, I have received emails from eyewitnesses from five...

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Passing of Duane Hodgkinson

I’m sad to report the passing of the World War II veteran Duane Neil Hodgkinson, who took his big flight home on September 19, 2014. Our condolences go to his family and friends. He will be missed. I began communicating with Duane...

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Are Pterosaurs “Still Dead?”

Last year, three persons ridiculed me, Jonathan Whitcomb, in three online posts, each one depending on an earlier post or web page with similar disdain for the concept of modern pterosaurs. But it was more than simple ridicule: I consider it libel. Let’s...