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The still surface of Muncho Lake, in northern British Columbia, Canada 0

Women may be Attacked in British Columbia

I recently got some news from Gerald McIsaac, my associate who has been searching for modern pterosaurs in northern British Columbia, Canada, for many years and gathering eyewitness reports. Here is part of what he said: One of the girls in the...

Dwarves from the first film of "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" 0

The Hobbit and Searching for Ropens

How does the fiction about Bilbo relate to the nonfiction adventures of searching for ropens? The third movie, The Hobbit – There and Back Again, should be released late this year; the third edition of the book that is retitled Searching for Ropens and...

Country setting but in the city of Slidell, Louisiana - two ponds and a house 1

Pterosaur Sighting in Slidell, Louisiana

On October 10, 2013, I received a phone call from a lady in Slidell, Louisiana. She had seen a flying creature just two hours earlier, a frightening experience, and had received no help from the police or the Wildlife-Fisheries. Two days later, we...

Duane Hodgkinson, of Livingston, Montana - eyewitness of a giant ropen 0

Grateful for Pterosaur Sighting Reports

This morning I heard of a father who overheard his boy’s conversation with another little boy who had brought over a new pet: a small green turtle. The man’s son was overheard to say, “I wish I had a turtle. All I got is just a...

Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn 0

“Pterodactyl” Sightings in the new Book

The third edition of Searching for Ropens will get a new name when it is published before the end of this year [revised: available on on April 18, 2014 and on Amazon a few days later]: Searching for Ropens and Finding God,...

pterosaur seen by Aaron Tullock in Texas in about 1995 0

Live Pterosaur Seen by a Child

Sometimes the eyewitness of an apparent modern pterosaur was a child at the time of the sighting—Patty Carson saw one in Cuba around 1965. What do you think is the normal response from a parent or other adult? Remember, this often would...

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