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northern New York state - river

Pterosaur Sighting In Northern New York

William Lashomb, a retired police officer, sent me an email on June 9, 2016, concerning his sighting of a long-tailed featherless creature that flew (about 10-15 years ago) over the Grass River in Massena. This is near the border with Canada, about fifty...

Gitmo Pterosaur of Guantanamo Bay Cuba, sighting in 1965

The Ropen and “Hunting Monsters”

Is the ropen a real animal, a modern living pterosaur? We now look at part of a Kindle book written by Darren Naish: Hunting Monsters – Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths. I’ve not read the whole book, so I’ll review only part...

James (Jim) Blume interviewed this old native. The glowing ropen was trying to rob a human grave.

About Umboi Island in Papua New Guinea

To some Americans and other Westerners, Umboi Island is known as the home of the ropen, reported to be a large long-tailed surviving pterosaur (Rhamphorhynchoid type), also called pterodactyl. Yet most Westerners have never heard of Umboi Island, even those who know...