By Nathaniel Coleman

I've noticed that Glen Kuban's web page about reports of living pterosaurs has been updated occasionally over several years. It is a lengthy page, but the revisions (more recently acknowledging the possibility of live pterosaurs while denying such a discovery would have any impact on the popular assumptions about geology) consistently avoid any mention of the most important points of the eyewitness testimonies: Those points that refute his explanations, like clear daylight sightings of apparent giant long-tailed featherless creatures described like Rhamphorhynchoids.
But Kuban is not alone. Another web page is devoted to more than disputing the possibility of live pterosaurs: It is devoted to discrediting those who have promoted live-pterosaur investigations. The libel is not restricted to the body of the web pages, for the words "stupid" and "lie" are in the URL name.
Nevertheless, the investigations continue, with not only additional eyewitness testimonies but video evidence for the bioluminescence of
creatures called "ropen" in Papua New Guinea. I believe the truth will eventually come out, so why not read the eyewitness accounts and
let's each of us decide what to make of them.
Nathaniel Coleman
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