Cryptozoology books related to pterosaurs are reviewed online, including reviews The nonfiction book “Live Pterosaurs in America” broke new  ground in cryptozoology, when the first edition was published  in 2009 (the third edition came out late in 2011), but it was  not the first cryptozoology book about extant pterosaurs. Its  author, Jonathan Whitcomb, also wrote “Searching for  Ropens” (second edition published in 2007), and Ken Gerhard  wrote “Big Bird” in 2007.   Gerald McIsaac wrote “Bird From Hell” (the second edition  was published in 2011) with the following excerpt from  Amazon’s “Book Description.”   “As children, we are captivated by stories of huge, fantastical  creatures . . . The prevailing wisdom is these species are long  extinct, but new evidence uncovered by author Gerald  McIsaac casts doubt on these widely held assumptions.  McIsaac gathered stories from the elders of the First Nation . .  . [who] provided McIsaac with detailed descriptions of six  species long thought to be extinct. . . . In Bird from Hell,  McIsaac separates fact from fiction . . . His conclusion is that  these huge species are not extinct, but he needs assistance in  gathering evidence to substantiate this claim. By following  the simple directions provided in Bird from Hell, you can help  prove these various species still exist.”  The first review given to the first edition of “Live Pterosaurs in  America” was from Susan Wooten of South Carolina:   "Your new book arrived today! THANK YOU!!! and I must say you  really did a wonderful job!!! You not only gave everyone more  sightings than they can dispute (21 states!!!), but you also wove a  descriptive and engaging ongoing investigation . . . " (This book by  Jonathan Whitcomb is now in its third edition)   “Big Bird” received the following review on Amazon:   “ . . . when I started reading it I realized it was PACKED with  interesting research and personally investigated accounts - NOT just  a bunch of speculation as is too often the case with this type of  book. Anyone interested in Forteana will enjoy this book and I am  adding the author to my list of writers whose books I will look out  for in the future.” (review by C. Smith, “Ghost Book Collector.”)   “Bird From Hell” received the following review on Amazon:   “There's something out there and this guy knows it! Won't be long  before he finds a live specimen.” (review of first edition of book;  this is now in its second edition)   A few book reviews Pterosaur Book Reviews AKA Pterodactyl Of course not all books about pterosaurs have  references to living pterosaurs, but an increasing  number of cryptozoology books are mainly about  non-extinct flying creatures, including the book "Live  Pterosaurs in America" (now in its third edition).  Live Pterosaurs in America Cryptozoology books available The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs is a traditional approach, based on the axiom of ancient extinction. One of these book reviews, however, (not this book) does mention the ropen of Papua New Guinea, (an apparently living pterosaur). Sketch by Eskin Kuhn Live Pterosaurs in America Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Jonathan Whitcomb Photograph by Jonathan Whitcomb (San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary) The second edition of Bird From Hell, by Gerald  McIsaac, gives us insight into traditions of Native  Americans in northern British Columbia, Canada.  Bird From Hell Book review and comments for the book Searching for Ropens (by Whitcomb), from readers of the first edition of the book (seven readers of the cryptozoology book) This is the official SFR site. Big Bird In the non-fiction book Big Bird, by Ken Gerhard, we   see eyewitness reports of strange flying creatures in  Texas; many of those creatures resemble pterosaurs. “Gitmo Pterosaur”