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If you are not an eyewitness but just have questions, see the web sites listed on the left. If they do not have the answer you seek, or if you work in the news media, you may contact Jonathan Whitcomb at comment[at-sign]

If you are an eyewitness or have seen something that may be a ropen or living pterosaur (AKA pterodactyl), please do not hesitate to contact Whitcomb at the above email address. (Eyewitness sightings and media coverage have priority.)
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Pterodactyl-like flying creatures, leathery-skinned and with pointed head crests, are reported in Papua New Guinea (in central New Britain Island)
". . . a large flying creature reported by an American soldier in 1944 is the same species of long-tailed featherless creature known as ropen [on Umboi]"