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This "Live Pterosaur" site is made up of several divisions, and each division is divided up into pages that are accessed through tabs (see upper right). If you see an image, on the left, of one pterosaur holding onto a tree trunk and two different kinds of pterosaurs flying above it, you are in the "Theories and Philosophies" division of "Live Pterosaur."

Other divisions include the "Introduction" (Where the Home Page is found), "Eyewitness Testimonies," "Names," "Early Expeditions," and "Critics Answered." Each of these divisions has (or will have) related pages that are accessed through the tabs on the upper right.

If you feel like you're getting lost, click on the "Map" tab to get back to this page you are now viewing or to a similar map page.

NOTE: The tabs at the upper right are not for accessing other divisions; they are for accessing different pages of a division.
Home - Live Pterosaurs
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Eyewitness Testimonies
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Names (like ropen, indava, seklo-bali, duwas, wawanar)
Early Expeditions to find live pterosaurs (AKA ropens)
Critics Answered

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