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From the Introduction in this book:   “We live in a world in which modern Westerners, at  least many respectable or respected ones, have  believed all magical dragons to be only legendary and  all pterosaurs to be extinct and even more ancient;  also in this world, many natives, whom we had  assumed more primitive or less gifted than us, have  believed all dragons to be real and either magical or  spiritually gifted. In some areas, they believe dragons  to be both ancient and modern. What if all of us have  been only partially correct? What if flying dragons are  not so much ancient as modern, not so much magical  as physically gifted, not so much legendary as real?”   (By Jonathan David Whitcomb)   
“This is a fascinating chronological and eyewitness account  of finding ‘Ropens’ (pterosaurs) . . .  The book is replete  with eyewitness sightings of the creature. In Papua New  Guinea the natives saw a huge [pterosaur] with a 7 meter  tail and 15 meter wingspan. Other eyewitnesses claim the  pterosaurs transmit a luminescent light and glow in the  dark -- they have been known to eat fish, clams, and even  humans. One of the most helpful synopses is the  Appendix, which provides answers to the food the  creatures eat, their danger to humans, and their nesting  grounds. Furthermore, the author notes that the Bible  speaks of "fiery serpents" in Numbers 21: 6-9. One of the  key purposes in Whitcomb's writing of this book is not only  to chronicle the eyewitness reports and descriptions of the  pterosaurs but to make a case [for the Bible].” FIVE stars.
another sketch of pterosaur seen at Gitmo, Cuba
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Cryptid Books and Sites on Some Strange Animals including sightings of the ropen, a non-extinct pterosaur
This is the fourth edition of this nonfiction book  Searching for Ropens and Finding God. The first  edition was probably the first book ever written about  modern pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea. With 360 pages, this nonfiction cryptozoology book  has been called the “Bible of modern pterosaurs.” Yet  it’s more in the cryptozoology genre than the religion  genre, with sighting reports from around the world:  Papua New Guinea, Australia, Philippines, Europe,  North America (including many states in the USA),  Canada, and Africa. Suggested retail price: $17.50. 
Searching for Ropens and Finding God
The following book review is about another nonfiction cryptozoology book on modern pterosaurs
Cryptozoology books on modern pterodactyls are not usually best sellers, yet the eyewitnesses of these shocking flying creatures—those persons know that pterosaurs are not all extinct: NO WAY! They know the truth about “extinction.”
The above quotes the third edition of the cryptozoology book “Live Pterosaurs in America,” by cryptozoologist Jonathan D. Whitcomb
Cryptozoology Book “Live Pterosaurs in America”
“My American associates and I who have explored  in Papua New Guinea, searching for living  pterosaurs, intend no deceit; we intend only  enlightenment. Ten expeditions, within sixteen  years, have rewarded us with many eyewitness  accounts and video evidence for what we believe is  the bioluminescence of a flying creature; but we still  lack a clear photo of a pterosaur. We have been  labeled foolish, biased, and crazy; but the few who  say “lies” reveal their own foolishness: Why would  we work so hard, for so long, with so many  opportunities to fabricate pterosaur sightings in so  many remote jungles, and then admit that we never  saw any clear form of a pterosaur? . . . we intend  not to deceive but to enlighten.”  
From the Introduction in the book
Five Stars: “The book uses eyewitnesses and delves  into as many options as possible. It is well written. I  am always looking for strange flying creatures now.”   Five Stars: “A must read for any aspiring crypto  searcher! - I believe in Ropens!” (L. Watkins)   Another five-star book review: “I love this book and  I can't put it down!”   Five Stars: “So much of the Earth has not been  explored so we could have them flying in our skies.  Scientists will have to be more open minded.”   Five Stars: “Great Book!! I am firmly convinced that  Pterosaurs are still alive . . .”   Five Stars: “This book is one of the best books that  I have ever read! . . .” (Laura; 2014)   
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sketch of pterosaur seen in Cuba in 1971
"Nathaniel Coleman“ was a temporary pen name used by Jonathan Whitcomb during a time when a few skeptics had ridiculed him and his associates, accusing him of lying. He used that name, to a limited extent, to report eyewitness accounts of apparent living pterosaurs. (This does not relate to the well-known cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. Whitcomb used "Coleman" because years earlier he had been the editor of the Coleman World.)
Many species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs probably are extinct, but why assume that all their species must be extinct?
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Photograph by Jonathan Whitcomb
cover of nonfiction pterosaur book another sketch of pterosaur seen at Gitmo, Cuba
The above are partial quotations
sketch of pterosaur seen in Cuba in 1971 sketch of pterosaur seen in Cuba in 1971
Cryptozoology and nonfiction mystery books:  “Dinosaurs - Dead or Alive?” (religious) and the  book “Mystery in Acambaro” (clay figurines  that depict humans interacting with dinosaurs) 
“Over the past 100 years, there have been  many reports of sightings, in a remote area of  central Africa, of a swamp-dwelling animal  known to local villagers as ‘mokele  mbembe’—the ‘blocker-of-rivers’.”
I reply to a web page without referring to its  URL, for the "big lie" in its title libels me and  my associates (falsely accusing us of lies). "The  Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Big Lie," at  least in its original form (or late-2008 version),  included at least a reference to the following  inaccuracies . . .
"I heard a loud whooshing noise moving in the  air . . . I saw a huge pterodactyl. It circled my  house . . . turned its head and looked at me. I  can't believe more peoploe don't report seeing  them. . . . I got a good look at it and . . . I was scared. . . . This is something that people don't  talk about too much." The wingspan she  estimated at 16-20 feet.
another sketch of pterosaur seen at Gitmo, Cuba