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Abram of Opai Village  “Abram thought the ropen was fishing, for it stayed for some time around the surface of the sea, above the reef, before returning to Mount Bel.” Books by Whitcomb  “American author Jonathan Whitcomb of Long Beach, California, has written three nonfiction books on eyewitness reports of living pterosaurs” Civil War Photograph  One of two photographs that appear to be from the American Civil War period is genuine. The other is a hoax that was apparently created in imitation of the original. The genuine original is called “Ptp”. Cottingham Ropen Light Sighting  “One night, near Lab Lab on the southeast coast of Umboi Island, he saw a flying light that lasted four or five seconds. When he asked local natives about it, they told him it was a ‘spirit light.’” Cuba has a Pterosaur Sighting of “pterodactyl” at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by Eskin Kuhn Cuban Pterosaur Seen by Patty Carson “Suddenly it sat up, as if it had been eating something or resting. The head and upper part of its body, . . . showed . . . [It appeared] right in front of us about thirty feet away. All of us froze for about five seconds, then it took off with a fwap fwap fwap sound . . .” David Mokay, Eyewitness on Umboi Island  “Moonless at 11:00 p.m., close to the reef, between Bunsil Station and Opai Beach, as [Mokay] was paddling the canoe and Luke [a local magistrate] was diving, without warning or sound, the sea was lit up with a brilliant light.” Duane Hodgkinson Observes a “Pterodactyl” “Then something at the far end [of the clearing], about a hundred feet away, started running while flapping its wings. As it became airborne, the men saw that it was no ordinary bird, for it was too big and had no sign of feathers.” Finschhafen Pterosaur “A large winged creature took off into the air, running to get airborne . . . The length of the head he estimated ‘not counting the appendage, was about 3–4 ft  . . .’ In addition with a tail length that  Hodgkinson estimated to be ‘at least ten or fifteen feet,’ the flying creature was not a . . . fruit bat.” Flying Light of Umboi “After a large funeral procession arrived at the burial location, a creature with a glowing red tail came from the sea.” Fruit Bats and Pterosaurs  “From those thirty-four images, Jonah Jim chose number thirteen, which was of a Sordes Pilosus, a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur. In addition, he saw that the flying creature was glowing . . .” Gideon Koro - Eyewitness of Huge Ropen in Daylight  “The legendary flying creature of the night came down in daylight to fly a hundred feet above the surface of the lake. The boys ran home in terror.” [see also Mesa and Wesley] Images for Media  About Whitcomb, Umboi Island expedition, eyewitnesses, “Gitmo Pterosaur” of Cuba . . . Introduction to Living Pterosaurs (Home page) “How can any scientist make any sound conjecture about the extinction of species for which there is no fossil evidence?” Lakewood, California Sighting of 2012  “I saw this huge dragon pteradactal[sic] looking thing. I scared it because when he saw me he jumped off the telephone wires and when he opened his huge wings they sounded like heavy fabric . . .” Mesa Augustin - Terrified Eyewitness  “When the American interviewed Mesa Agustin, in 2004, he could not help noticing the man was very nervous, even though he had been smiling just a few minutes before.” [see also Gideon and Wesley] Newspaper Articles  “The Houston Chronicle, by circulation the ninth largest newspaper in the United States, pulled away the welcome mat to “flying dinosaurs” that might want to fly over southwest Texas; it emphasized Whitcomb’s lack of credentials and experience.” Non-English Pages  External web pages in German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, and Japanese   Press Room for News Releases  “Whitcomb disputes the idea that sightings of giant “pterodactyls” are only misidentifications of Flying Fox fruit bats.” Questions and Answers “Why believe that all their species must have become extinct? It requires independent or out-of-the-box thinking for Westerners to examine that extinction idea objectively . . .”   Scientific Papers “The more recent scientific article, by Whitcomb, was published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, Volume 45, Winter 2009: ‘Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific.’” Television Show Recorded “The American cryptozoologist/living-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb was interviewed by Canadian talk show host Richard Syrett, for an episode of ‘The Conspiracy Show.’” Video Analysis of Paul Nations Footage “Natives in Tawa say that the indavas used to attack their village on occasion, sometimes carrying away a child or pig. But the flying creatures have left them alone since villagers learned to scare them away by making noise.” Wesley Koro - Eyewitness near Lake Pung  “Whitcomb: ‘Do you remember seeing the end of the tail, what the end of the tail looked like?’ Wesley: ‘Yes. It looked like diamond.’” [see also Gideon and Mesa] Whitcomb Expedition of 2004  “[Whitcomb and Paina] took a small ship to Umboi Island and became acquainted with local villagers. In Gomlongon, village leaders were given gifts, including sling shots (for shooting down Flying Fox fruit bats for soup), school supplies, old American magazines, and new guitar strings. Whitcomb, Jonathan (about the author-explorer-cryptozoologist) “Since his expedition in Papua New Guinea in 2004, Whitcomb has received many emails and occasional phone calls from ordinary persons who have seen extraordinary animals: apparent pterosaurs.” Notwithstanding a few upset paleontologists, Whitcomb is a pterosaur expert in the cryptozoological sense. Wildlife Sanctuary Sighting  “One day in the summer of 2007, he was driving north on Campus Drive, just north of the University of California campus at Irvine, he saw the long-tailed featherless creature fly in front of his car, ‘at low altitude.’”
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