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On January 14, 2017, the physicist Clifford Paiva and the cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb jointly pronounced the winged creature in this old photograph to be a modern pterosaur: “Ptp” (left) is NOT a hoax.
Civil War Pterosaur Photo
Two   old-looking   photographs   are   often   confused,   both   appearing   to   have several   Civil   War   soldiers   standing   over   something   lying   on   the   ground. The   one   on   the   left   is   the   older   genuine   photo   ( click   for   a   better   view ).   For clarity, it is labeled “ Ptp .” It has been verified by the missile defense physicist Clifford Paiva and cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb to have an image of an actual modern pterosaur, maybe related to the Pteranodon . But the Haxan Films imitation of it is a hoax: the Freakylinks  TV-show photo of Civil War reenactors, one or two of whom are heavyset. At their feet (in the hoax photo) is what may be a large canvass construction, not an animal carcass but crudely made to imitate one. Don’t confuse them. From Tom Payne, January 11, 2017, regarding genuine “Ptp” image “I'm   67   years   old   and   remember   this   photo   from   when   I   was   young.   I   can't tell   you   where   I   saw   it,   at   that   time,   however.   I   came   here   [an   online   page by Whitcomb], searching for it, again. Thank you for having it! “I've   canoed   all   my   life.   I've   owned   several   of   them. Those   aren't   halves   of a canoe! . . . Too narrow, too shallow. And definitely not a dugout canoe! “I   have   a   degree   in   Computer   Science.   I   can   tell   you   that   technology wasn't   available   to   modify   a   photo   like   this   before   about   1980.   First   off, you    couldn't    get    the    image    into    the    computer.    Photos    didn't    become digitized    until    much    later.    I've    always    been    convinced    that    this    is    an authentic   photo.   It   may   not   be   during   the   Civil   War,   however.   Maybe   a little later.” (the words of Tom Payne) Does the genuine photograph (Ptp) show a Pteranodon ? It   looks   like   a   Pteranodon .   more   so   than   a   ropen,   according   to   some   of   the     descriptions   of   the   ropen.   It   would   have   been   helpful   is   the   tail   had   been photographed.   The   ropen   is   a   modern   pterosaur   with   Rhamphorhynchoid - like tail vane. This Civil War photograph suggests a Pterodactyloid .                                                          ###
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Clifford Paiva shows how the boot of the soldier and the head of the animal have consistent shadows. As strange as this photo may appear on first glance, it is a genuine photo in these details.
Some of these images were recorded by Jonathan Whitcomb (photography or video)
Other Images for Media
Near where a huge ropen was seen, near a university at Irvine, California
A ropen was observed here (CA) in clear daylight in the summer of 2007. The tail  was estimated to be 15-16 feet long. This modern pterosaur may not have been the same species as the one in the Ptp photo.
The great majority of sightings of modern pterosaurs suggest Rhamphorhynchoids  rather than Pterodactyloids. The above sketch was drawn by the U. S. Marine Eskin C. Kuhn just minutes after his observation of two large “pterodactyls” at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1971. Some eyewitnesses of large featherless flying creatures, however, describe them in terms suggesting a Pterodactyloid.
Encounters with very large pterosaurs— those are not restricted to the 1800’s in the USA. Gideon Koro saw one in about 1994, along with six other native boys.
Umboi Is. native saw a huge ropen
Address of Jonathan Whitcomb in Utah Umboi Island native witnessed a very large ropen flying in clear daylight
A U.S. Marine witnessed these two "pterodactyls" at Gitmo in 1971