Live Pterosaur Media Center Live Pterosaur Media Center Home Wesley Koro, 2004 interview         (click: downloadable images) Wesley Koro In late September and early October of 2004, the American forensic  videographer Jonathan Whitcomb explored part of Umboi Island, Papua  New Guinea, interviewing eyewitnesses of the legendary ropen. Just south  of Lake Pung, he and his guides found the village where Gideon Koro  lived, the eyewitness who had been previously interviewed on video by  other American visitors to that remote tropical island, ten years earlier.   After interviewing Gideon, Whitcomb learned that two other eyewitnesses  were present: Mesa Agustin and Wesley Koro, who confirmed that the  sighting event was real. Their interviews were more brief.   Whitcomb: “OK, Wesley, you’re a brother to Gideon?” Wesley: “Yes.” Whitcomb: “OK. Did you see the same creature, the ropen, on the mountain, by the lake?” Wesley: “Yes.” Whitcomb: “Do you remember seeing the end of the tail, what the end of the tail looked like?” Wesley: “Yes. It looked like diamond.” Whitcomb: “Was the tail long or short?” Wesley: “Long.” Whitcomb: “You call it a ropen?” Wesley: “Yes.” Whitcomb: “Was the ropen much bigger than byung [fruit bat]?” Wesley: “Yes. Too big.” Whitcomb: “You saw ropen; were you afraid?”  Wesley: “I’m very scared.”  Whitcomb: “You left right away?” Wesley: “I run away.” Whitcomb: “Run away? Thank you very much.”                                    ### Other Online Resources Villagers Near Lake Pung Mount Tolo, Near Lake Pung Youtube video of Gideon, Mesa, and Wesley Gideon Koro, brother of Wesley Mesa Agustin interview  Finschhafen Pterosaur The opinions here expressed are those  of Jonathan David Whitcomb.  Media professionals are welcome to use these paragraphs in whole or in part for news distribution.  All of the images on this page may also be used by news media.