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Marsh from which the creature flew in Orange County, California
San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary
The eyewitness has a prominent profession in the Irvine, California, area  and wishes to be anonymous. In the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in  America, he is known as “SNW.”   One day in the summer of 2007, while driving north on Campus Drive,  just north of the University of California campus at Irvine, he saw a huge  long-tailed featherless creature fly in front of his car, “at low altitude.”   The eyewitness eventually phoned Jonathan Whitcomb, of Long Beach,  California, giving the cryptozoologist details about the encounter. SNW  estimated the total length of the flying creature at thirty feet, with fifteen  or sixteen feet being a straight tail that had a flange near the tail end (a  vane or similar appendage) described as “triangle shaped.”   SNW was sure there were no feathers, and told Whitcomb that there were  wrinkles on the underside of the creature’s body, showing the absence of  any feathers. In a later interview, the eyewitness told Whitcomb that the  creature was chasing a big flock of birds.   Whitcomb visited the road and the wildlife sanctuary in the summer of  2008. SNW had estimated the creature’s length to be about the width of  the Campus Drive; Whitcomb verified the road was thirty feet wide,  which was the eyewitness-estimated length of the creature.   SNW estimated the wing flapping frequency at 0.75 seconds up-flap and  0.75 seconds down-flap. This corresponds with the frequency estimated  for the 1944 Finschhafen “pterodactyl,” which was one or two seconds per  cycle. The Finschhafen flying creature seen by Hodgkinson also had a  long tail, estimated “at least” ten or fifteen feet long; this corresponds with  the 2007 wildlife-sanctuary flying-creature seen in California.                                                           ###
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A bayou in the sanctuary
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marshy grass land by wildlife sanctuary in southern California wetlands photo for professional media use
Photographs by Jonathan Whitcomb
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One of many ponds in this wildlife sanctuary
One of many ponds in this large wildlife sanctuary
Trail in this wildlife sanctuary in Orange County, CA
Much of the wildlife sanctuary is open to the public, with many trails for hiking. Observe rules to preserve wildlife, please.
This case is strengthened by a number of other sightings of giant flying creatures observed in Southern California recently.
Sighting location - encounter in daylight in Irvine, California
Location of 2007 sighting
Address of Jonathan Whitcomb in Utah