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Lakewood, California, Sighting
“Pterodactyl” or “dragon” reported to Whitcomb   A lady was sitting in her backyard, at her computer, on June 19, 2012, at  11:45 a.m., in Lakewood, California, at a home bordering a large storm  drain. A few hours later she reported her encounter to Jonathan Whitcomb,  who lives in the nearby city of Long Beach:   “My dog started going crazy barking and whining. I started hearing what  sounded like him having really deep burps and I got up after 30 seconds or  so because I knew the sounds were not coming from my dog. I walked  [over to the dog . . . I lost my breath] when I saw this huge dragon  pteradactal[sic] looking thing. I scared it because when he saw me he  jumped off the telephone wires and when he opened his huge wings they  sounded like heavy fabric . . . I watched him fly across to a large tree and  go inside. I saw him very closely and know what I saw!!”   The eyewitness later told Whitcomb that the creature was either dark gray  or dark brown. The wingspan she estimated to be at least six feet and the  tail was several feet long, perhaps four feet. She was positive that the  flying creature had no feathers. In addition, she noticed that it had a long  neck and a triangular structure at the end of the tail.   Whitcomb estimated that the tail of the creature, as it was sitting above the  lady, was only perhaps a little less than twenty feet from the end of her  nose. Since it was a clear day and there was no obstruction to her view, he  concluded that a misidentification of a known bird or bat would be an  untenable conjecture; for example, a Frigate bird would not appear to have  a long neck and a Rhamphorhynchoid-like tail vane.   Whitcomb set up a game camera overlooking the storm drain and pointed  towards thick vegetation where the creature is believed to frequent on  occasion. As of early October, the automatic camera had recorded over  3000 photos, but not yet anything that appears to be of that creature.  Whitcomb has been trying to get permission to use surveillance cameras,  for they will capture video continuously, and the game camera now in use  has a delay that prevents it from photographing anything that flies quickly  through the storm channel.  ###
Whitcomb looks into channel
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Storm Channels in Long Beach and Lakewood, CA
End of tail of the apparent ropen drawn by the eyewitness in Lakewood, CA
Game camera captures family dog apparently barking at the glowing eyes of a rat or possum in the bottom of the storm channel behind the house in Lakewood, California