Live Pterosaur Media Center Live Pterosaur Media Center Abram of Opai In 2004, the American forensic videographer interviewed natives on Umboi  Island, Papua New Guinea: eyewitnesses of the ropen. Abram of Opai  Village is one of many islanders who have seen the flying light that their  traditions tell them is the being that is like a spirit but also like a man, except  that it flies around at night while glowing brightly.   One of Abram’s two interviews with Whitcomb was brief. In 2003, he saw  the ropen light flying about a hundred meters high, seeming to follow the  ridge near Opai Village, as it headed towards Tarawe Village.   The other intervew was more instructive. Later in 2003, he saw the ropen fly  from Mount Bel to a reef and then back to that mountain. Abram thought the  ropen was fishing, for it stayed for some time around the surface of the sea,  above the reef, before returning to Mount Bel.                                                           ### The opinions expressed are those of Jonathan David Whitcomb. Media professionals may use these paragraphs in whole or in part for news distribution. All of the images on this page may also be used by the news media. Other Resources “Pterodactyl” reported in Papua New Guinea (by Veteran) Press Release by KSN Eyewitness Abram, Opai Village David Mokay of Opai Village This native of Umboi Island saw the ropen light: a brilliant five-second flash Alternate name spelling: David Moke For a medium-sized (171 KB) image: Gitmo Pterosaur The above image might possibly relate to the ropen of Umboi Flying Light of Umboi Island From the 2009 peer-reviewed scientific paper  “Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific” (by Jonathan D. Whitcomb, CRSQ,  Volume 45, Winter 2009):   “Eyewitness testimonies can be divided into two  categories: those describing a flying light and  those describing a creature. Four of the  eyewitnesses describe both a glow and a shape  or features, connecting the two types of  description.  “Most ropen sightings are of a bright but brief  glow that moves approximately horizontally at  about 330 ft (100 m) above ground level, often  against a mountain background. Based on  interviews from the 2004 expeditions . . . an  estimated several hundred Umboi Islanders  have seen this light. This is not conclusive of  living pterosaurs but is strong evidence of an  unknown flying creature, probably displaying  bioluminescence. Of the nine American  expeditions (1994–2007), six resulted in at least  one sighting of the light.”