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Duane Hodgkinson and Susan Wooten, in different decades and in different parts of the world, saw a long-tailed “pterodactyl”

or pterosaur.

In Susan Wooten’s own words:


“I saw a pterodactyl in 1989 or 1988 sometime in there, was embarrassed to tell anyone, and who I told laughed at me.


“I live in South Carolina and saw it when driving down the highway traveling from Greenville to Florence.  I was in college at the time. . . . it was about 3 pm and the thing flew over the highway in a remote area . . . a lot of woods and swamps . . . it was after Columbia and before Florence. [“Hwy 20 going from Columbia to Florence”] It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret, but like a humongous bat.


“It started out above pine treetops and swooped lower between and up again to fly up above treetops on other side. [“swooped down over the highway”] It came from the left towards me, then over median, and over me, then up over treetops on my side, to the right.”


Wooten drew a sketch of the pterosaur or pterosaur-like creature and she distinguished the legs from the long tail. Her sketch also showed the head appendage. She estimated the wing-tip-to-wing-tip to be about twelve to fifteen feet.


Duane Hodgkinson, almost a half-century earlier and on the other side of the world (New Guinea, now called Papua New Guinea), saw a long-tailed pterosaur. His sighting was also in daylight. He also clearly saw the difference between the legs and the long tail: the “pterodactyl” ran a few steps before becoming airborne. Hodgkinson, like Wooten, saw an appendage coming out the back of the head. He estimated the wingspan to be almost thirty feet (like Piper Tri-Pacer airplane).


Both Hodgkinson and Wooten have stood by their testimonies for years. Both of them experienced ridicule when they told people about their sightings, yet they have not recanted.

When two eyewitness testi-monies  agree  on  several points, the credibility of the most  natural  or  direct interpretation of those points is strengthened. Accumu-lating evidence strengthens the case.

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South Carolina pterosaur sketched by Wooten