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Although I never attained the rank of master, during my chess tournament days I improved much; I know something of the struggles on the road to chess mastery. Although I won clear first place in only two small tournaments in my life (4-0 and 3-0), I have taught many beginners how to improve their chess skills. I hope that you will learn something from these pages of Whitcomb Chess Castle.


Notice that there are no advertisements on these pages. Iím a writer but youíll not see my chess books advertised here; Iíve written but one. I've also written about my expedition to a remote tropical island in Papua New Guinea. Please see my web pages on my research: Pterosaurs Still Living. Strange as it seems, there is eyewitness evidence that some of these ďpterodactylsĒ are not extinct but are still alive. No, Iíve not gone crazy from too much chess: I never saw a pterosaur while I was in Papua New Guinea. But I interviewed many people who have seen creatures that seem to be at least very similar to pterosaurs.


You donít have to buy my book, Searching for Ropens, to learn about the investigations of this strange creature of the night. There are plenty of web pages about research of living-pterosaur eyewitness reports. But please consider that this is no joke: The investigations are for real, regardless of how many textbooks declare pterosaurs extinct.