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"Beat That Kid in Chess" paperback

From the front cover, you might think this new chess book is for “kids;” but open up the paperback Beat That Kid in Chess and you’ll see that this is mostly for teenagers and adults, although some older children could benefit. It teaches the “early” beginner how to win a game of chess, and it’s crafted especially for the novice who knows how to move the pieces around the board but has not yet learned to win, at least not yet how to win consistently. The title was chosen for a marketing angle, yet Beat That Kid in Chess teaches you how to win against an opponent of any age, not just against a child. (Don’t confuse this publication with How to Beat Your Dad at Chess, which is not for the raw beginner.)

Here’s the table of contents:

A few Chess Terms

A few Hints for Beginners

Chess Notation

Introduction to the Lessons

Chapter 1: Checkmate

Chapter 2: Power Grabbing

Chapter 3: Defending the Fort

Chapter 4: Tactics in Battle

Chapter 5: Remember the Order

Chapter 6: The End Game

Chapter 7: The Middle Game

Chapter 8: The Opening

Chapter 9: Simple Exercises

Chapter 10: Advanced Exercises

General Index

Exercise Index

This book uses a new method of chess instruction: nearly-identical positions (NIP). But you don’t really need to know anything about that method. It works for you under the surface, training your mind to see possibilities and tactics as they really are, in a given chess position.

The target audience is the chess player who knows the rules, at least most of them, but has little or no idea how to take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes and how to avoid making mistakes. Millions of persons could fit that description.


"Beat That Kid in Chess" part of contents

First page of the Introduction in the new book Beat That Kid in Chess

Part of an Amazon customer-review:

I learned chess as a child, but as someone who hasn’t played in over a decade, this is a great refresher. . . . I love the way this book is organized: It’s starts with a few simple chess terms, progresses to chapter topics that start where most puzzles start-the end, and then ends with simple and advanced exercises, as well as a thorough index.

Basic Facts

Paperback: 194 pages –  5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

ISBN-10: 1508856222
ISBN-13: 978-1508856221

Published Sep 2, 2015, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Suggested retail price: $13.40 (US dollars)


chess book for teenagers and adults

Beat That Kid in Chess – by Jonathan David Whitcomb

When looking for a publication to be given as a gift, be aware of the chess-playing abilities of the person who is to receive the book. This is critical in making that choice.



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