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"Beat That Kid in Chess" paperback

Beat That Kid in Chess

November 30, 2015 Jonathan Whitcomb 1

From the front cover, you might think this new chess book is for “kids;” but open up the paperback Beat That Kid in Chess and you’ll see that this is mostly for teenagers and adults, although some older children could […]

cover of a chess book on openings

Fundamental Chess Openings

November 17, 2015 Jonathan Whitcomb 0

All editions credit authorship to Paul van der Sterren. This book was originally published in three volumes in 1988, in the Dutch language. The English version was first printed in 2009 by Gambit Publications. Fundamental Chess Openings (FCO) is […]

one of these three chess books is for beginners

New Chess Books Online

November 9, 2015 Jonathan Whitcomb 8

We’ll look at a few of the new chess books available on Amazon. Smerdon’s Scandinavian (book review) This is not for chess beginners. (For the novice, see the next book review below this one.) Smerdon’s Scandinavian could […]