Bioluminescent Organisms

Angler Jellyfish:

   “Of all the luminous organisms in

   the sea, only a few are thought to

   use light to lure prey, and fewer

   still have been known to make

   red light.”


Benttooth Bristlemouth, see fish . . .


Bioluminescence, examples: “In the

   oceans, bioluminescence is the rule,

   not the exception.”


Bioluminescence overview:

   “Bioluminescence is light

    produced by a chemical

   reaction within an organism.”


Bioluminescence Web Page


Birds (owls, esp. barn owls),

   see Min Min Light


Cuttlefish, bioluminescent


Dinoflagellates “ . . . exist  

   continuously in a dynamic fluid  



Earthworm bioluminescence




Fish, bioluminescent



Lightning Bugs, see fireflies


Min Min Light, a book review:

   “What does a barn owl have in

   common with mysterious lights

   with names like Min Min, Will

   o’ the Wisp, and Jack o’ Lantern?

   Everything.” Jonathan Whitcomb

   reviews the book, The Min Min

   Light, The Visitor Who Never

   Arrives, by F. F. Silcock.


Octopus, bioluminescent


Owls, glowing, see Min Min Light


Pettigrew, Professor: another idea on

   mysterious lights in Australia


Phosphorescent seas, see



Pterosaurs, bioluminescent,

   see also Ropen


Red Tides, see Dinoflagellates


Refraction, see Pettigrew


Ropen: a pterodactyl-like creature

   in Papua New Guinea, esp. Umboi Is.

   see also Bioluminescence overview


Silcock, see Min Min Light


Will o’ the Wisp, see Min Min Light