The lady describes her frightening ordeal: "I heard a loud whooshing noise moving in the air . . . I saw a huge pterodactyl. It circled my house . . . turned its head and looked at me. I can't believe more peoploe don't report seeing them. . . . I got a good look at it and . . . I was scared. . . . This is something that people don't talk about too much." The wingspan she estimated at 16-20 feet.

The difficulty this lady in Rhode Island had, finding someone to talk to, is common with American eyewitnesses of modern pterodactyls (technically "pterosaurs"). Who will not think you're crazy or telling a lie? She was interviewed by the cryptozoologist Jonathan D. Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book "Searching for Ropens." He took it seriously.

Australia Sighting

But the eyewitness in Rhode Island is not the only one with this problem. Here's a report from a man who had a sighting in Australia:

"Everyone I have told thinks I am probably crazy or was just seeing things. . . . in 1993, I think I saw a pterodactyl. [He was driving from Adelaide to Perth]. . . . we pitched a tent not far outside of Yellowdine. . . . This area is really flat . . . When I first saw the 'bird' it looked like an airplane, far away. . . . It was flying . . . got nearer to me, . . . the wings were actually flapping gently. So obviously this was no airplane. . . . a dark tan. It made no sound. . . . a wingspan . . . maybe 15 or 20 feet. . . . I could see that it looked leathery . . . no feathers."
But this man is not the only eyewitness of a giant pterosaur in Western Australia. Late in 1997, a married couple, taking a walk near Perth, were shocked when a giant "lizard-like" animal flew overhead. The wingspan was between thirty and fifty feet.
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Rhode Island Pterodactyl

2001 Sighting in Rhode Island