Sighting from a guided missile cruiser, ca 1990

Last month one of my associates introduced me to a man who had been on the U.S.S. Jouett (CG29) when a giant “pterodactyl” flew over the ship. Ishmael does not remember the exact location, either north of Australia or in the eastern Indian Ocean. As many as 50-100 men saw the creature as it passed just over the “stack” of the ship one night. Its wingspan was said to be 30-40 ft.

Unfortunately, Ishmael was not one of the eyewitnesses, having gotten topside just after the creature had flown overhead. The captain told the men that they would report the event without using the word “pterodactyl,” because nobody would believe them if they did. The U.S.S. Jouett has since been decommissioned. If anyone knows any sailor who was an eyewitness, please let me know.

U.S.S. Jouett (CG29)



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