Recent Hoaxes

To help LP investigators avoid wasting time on hoaxes, I will begin listing each probable-hoax, without necessarily implying each one must be a hoax. Should additional information change the “probably-hoax” label, I will make appropriate comments. Please do not attract attention to any hoax with any kind of publicity except to report what information you have to me (Jonathan Whitcomb) or to another living-pterosaur investigator.

Cat-in-the-mouth-in-Lousiana–I’ve just seen strong circumstantial evidence that points to a hoax. Nevertheless, should anyone find an eyewitness who is willing to be interviewed by me, I might consider communicating about it. The three key points are these: flying creature with a cat in its mouth, in Louisiana, between July 15th and Sep 6th, 2009. This appears to me to have been a practical joke.

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