How you can Help

Please consider the following ways in which you might help wake up the Western world to the reality of extant (living) pterosaurs and feel free to contact me, Jonathan Whitcomb.

  • Purchase your own copy of Searching for Ropens and Finding God
  • Purchase Live Pterosaurs in America
  • Report a sighting, if you have had one or know of someone who has (see “contact” above). This is extremely important for this investigation of encounters with modern ropens or “pterodactyls” that are still living.

Learn from the posts and pages of this cryptozoology blog. You can use the “search” box or the “categories” box on the right-side of the home page. (Details on what you might search for are should below.)

Please be aware that this is not a joke or an elaborate hoax. I, Jonathan David Whitcomb, am a real person who explored a remote tropical island (Umboi, AKA Siassi) in Papua New Guinea in 2004. I failed to see any ropen or flying light during my two weeks on Umboi Island, but I did interview many native eyewitnesses of the large flying creature. After returning to the United States, I wrote the paperback book Searching for Ropens, the first edition being published in mid-2006. This is now in its fourth edition.

I also wrote a peer-reviewed scientific paper—“Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific.” This was published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly (Volume 45, Winter 2009, pages 200-212).

Contrary to what some skeptics or critics have declared or insinuated, I am not the only source or the original source of writings on ropens or nonfictional flying dragons. One of my associates, David Woetzel of New Hampshire, also wrote a scientific paper that was published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly (Volume 42): “The Fiery Flying Serpent” (which ties the animal from the Old Testament to more recent sightings).

In addition, a number of other Americans have searched for living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea: Paul Nation, Garth Guessman, and David Woetzel, to name just a few. And beware of skeptics who dismiss the work of those Americans by referring to their religious beliefs. After all, nobody burns books on Calculus because they’re offended that Sir Isaac Newton firmly believed in the Bible.

The main point is this: Learn what you will from posts and pages on this blog. As you become better acquainted with various aspects of the investigations, you’ll be able to see how the relate to each other. Strange flying lights near Marfa, Texas, may be related to some of the other ghost lights in the United States, and they might relate to what the British biologist Evelyn Chessman saw in New Guinea in the mid-20th century.

Common assumptions about evolution and over-generalizations on that word—that can relate to Western indoctrination into the nature of ancient life and supposed universal extinctions of general types of animals, and that can relate to why such a small percentage of eyewitnesses come forward to report their sightings. No American or Australian wants to be thought of as insane or a complete fool, so why tell anybody that you saw a flying pterodactyl?

So how can you best make use of this blog? You can type one of the following into the “search” box that is on the right sidebar on the home page [but do not include the words in brackets nor the hyphen “-“]:

  • – Africa [incl. Namibia and Sudan]
  • – Alabama [six results]
  • – Arkansas
  • – Australia [many sightings, incl. Perth]
  • – books on modern pterosaurs [53 results]
  • – bioluminescence
  • – California [many sightings of flying creatures]
  • – Canada [or try “British Columbia”]
  • – carbon dating
  • – Cheesman [or “ropen lights seen by a biologist“]
  • – cryptozoology book [incl. Searching for Ropens and others]
  • – Cuba [63 results, with various relevance to Gitmo]
  • – danger [mostly from ropens or pterosaurs]
  • – Destination Truth [television show; better than Monsterquest]
  • – dragons [large featherless flying creatures]
  • – evolution [23 results]
  • – flying fox [a large fruit bat]
  • – flying lights [including “Marfa Lights“]
  • – frigate bird [or try “misidentification”]
  • – Georgia [many pterosaur encounters reported]
  • – ghost lights [some of them could be nocturnal ropens]
  • – hoax possibilities [incl. scientific evidence against hoaxes]
  • – Jersey Devil [another cryptid in the USA]
  • – Kansas [I have a feeling we’re not in Papua New Guinea]
  • – Kentucky [12 results, with various relevance to sightings there]
  • – Lakewood [sighting in Los Angeles area of California]
  • – Louisiana [especially the pterosaur sighting in Slidell]
  • – Marfa Lights [strange flying lights in Texas]
  • – misidentification [39 results]
  • – missing persons [circumstantial evidence]
  • – Monsterquest [television episode, expedition]
  • – Montana [incl. Cooney Reservoir]
  • – Namibia [sighting in Africa]
  • – New Mexico
  • – New York [or try “Massena”]
  • – nocturnal [most modern pterosaurs fly mostly at night]
  • – North Carolina
  • – Ohio [32 results]
  • – Oklahoma
  • – Oregon [11 results]
  • – paleontologist
  • – Papua New Guinea
  • – Pennsylvania [incl. near Pittsburgh]
  • – Philippines
  • – pterodactyl expert
  • – Queensland [sightings in Australia]
  • – Rhamphorhynchoid [long-tailed “basal” pterosaur – ropen]
  • – Scott Norman [late cryptozoologist]
  • – Singapore
  • – Snallygaster [cryptid in Maryland]
  • – Sudan [Africa]
  • – tail flange [on the long tail of the ropen]
  • – Texas [many pterosaur sightings]
  • – Travel Channel [esp. interview of Whitcomb in 2016]
  • – Utah [incl. sighting at night in Grantsville]
  • – Van Meter Visitor [sightings in Iowa in early 20th century]
  • – Washington state
  • – What is a ropen?

What Else can you do to Help?

Please purchase one or both of my books: Searching for Ropens and Finding God (fourth edition) or the shorter paperback Live Pterosaurs in America (third edition). If not for yourself, think of someone you know who might benefit from one or both of these books. They’re available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book sellers.

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