How to Make a Comment

You’ll probably want to click on the title of the post or page first.

On the cryptozoology blog "Live Pterosaur" you can make a comment on a post or on a page; give your opinion

If you see a side bar on the right (probably with “Archives” or “Categories” at the top), you may be on the home page. It’s also possible you are on a “page.”

Pages are different from posts on this blog. Posts can receive comments, at least they should allow you to comment, if the post is not too old. A page may or may not accept comments. You are now reading a “page.”

Probably the best way to start is to click on the title of the article (be it a post or page). If the title is not clickable, you are probably on that post or page already.

scroll to bottom of article to make a comment

After reading the article, make a comment at the bottom. You may need to scroll down.



Your name and email address are essential. Don't worry, your email address will not be revealed.

Essential fields to fill in are “Name” and “Email.” You will also need to copy what you see on the upper password line to the lower password line. Each time you visit a post or page comment-form, the password should be different.

Make your comment in the obvious place and click on “Post Comment.” It’s that simple. If there is a problem, however, contact the administrator here: CONTACT — I know, it’s another form, but it’s different and should function properly.

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