Biblical-Creation and Evolution

This is not a blog for discussion of creation-vs-evolution (GTE). But those who have spent countless hours of work (sometimes risking their lives exploring tropical rain forests in Papua New Guinea), interviewing eyewitnesses, writing, and doing research on the living-pterosaur phenomona are, for the most part, creationists who strongly oppose the standard models of Naturalism Philosophy, including universal-common-ancestry. Please be aware of this when making comments.

Acceptance into these discussions is not limited to those who have taken upon themselves the label “creationist.” The restrictions relate to potential friendly discussions about the real possibility that pterosaurs are now living. Nevertheless, be aware that any comment that involves any assumption about the validity of the General Theory of Evolution will very likely be annotated with the observation that this kind of assumption is being made. Too many comments of this kind may result in the comment being deleted, as well, for this blog cannot be used as a platform for anyone to support Darwin’s philosophy.

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