In the 1990's, native eyewitnesses were interviewed by American Carl Baugh and missionary Jim Blume. This native saw a ropen hanging onto a tree trunk.

Ropen Expeditions of 1994 and 1996

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We have been awed by eyewitness reports from recent years; but we must not forget those who made possible recent investigations: The explorers of the 1990’s who searched for the ropen and interviewed native eyewitnesses in Papua New Guinea. Without those expeditions in 1994 and 1996, where would we be? Without Carl Baugh’s early expeditions, we would […]

David Woetzel, American cryptozoologist and explorer

Woetzel ropen sighting of 2004

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“Ropen” is what natives of Umboi Island call the nocturnal flying creature, and legends abound. Most eyewitnesses have only seen it from a distance, at night, and they describe a strange flying light. David Woetzel led the second ropen expedition on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, late in 2004, accompanied by fellow-American cryptozoologist Garth Guessman. […]

Creation Research Society Quarterly - cover

Scientific paper on living pterosaurs

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The peer-reviewed Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ), Volume 45, Number 3, contains the article “Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific,” by Jonathan D. Whitcomb. Included was the eyewitness account of the Umboi Island native Gideon Koro, interviewed in 2004 by Whitcomb: “In about 1994, at Lake Pung, Umboi, and in daylight, seven boys, […]