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The Ropen as a Modern Rhamphorhynchoid

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What is a Rhamphorhynchoid, also called a basal pterosaur? A definition by a non-scientist could be “a long-tailed pterodactyl.” Why believe that the cryptid called ropen is a modern version of that kind of pterosaur? It’s not just the long tail on a reportedly featherless flying creature. Sighting reports of apparent “pterodactyls” often have a description of the end of […]

hug feels awkward between two T-Rex friends

Neutron Capture in Carbon-Dated Dinosaur Bones? That’s Way Too Awkward

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Awkward Explanation for Carbon-14 Dated Dinosaurs Some scientists are feeling awkward trying to get their hands around a T-Rex type dinosaur that appears much younger than it “should be.” The Allosaurus remains in question were excavated in 1989 in Colorado. This type of large theropod dinosaur was supposed to have lived 150-155 million years ago, according to popular theory, during the late Jurassic period. The […]

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More on the Scientific Paper “Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific”

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The following are brief excerpts from my scientific paper, published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly (Volume 45, Winter 2009, pages 200-212): Most ropen sightings are of a bright but brief glow that moves approximately horizontally at about 330 ft (100 m) above ground level, often against a mountain background. . . . Of the […]

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Scientists and Live Pterosaurs

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What do scientists think about pterosaur sighting reports? Many of them have probably never heard about any relevant research. We need to remember that searching for live “pterodactyls” is still within the realm of cryptozoology, for we don’t yet have any living or recently-deceased animal to examine. For now, let’s see what one biology professor has done […]

Area near where an apparent ropen flew into the sanctuary

Scientific Analysis of Report Credibility

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This requires an introduction to eyewitness testimony and this concept: that many professors have been entirely mistaken, for generations, about what could be called the “universal extinction of pterosaurs“ assumption. [This introduction has become much longer than what I had intended originally: to explain a narrow focus in an analysis meant to judge how much the passage of […]

Science and modern pterosaurs

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Something in our Western culture seems to say “unscientific,” whenever the subject of modern living pterosaurs comes up. It’s not the countless fossils sitting on countless shelves in countless laboratories and museums, for countless fossils are very similar to presently-living organisms. Could it be that we have been indoctrinated, for generations, into the idea that […]