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The Ropen as a Modern Rhamphorhynchoid

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What is a Rhamphorhynchoid, also called a basal pterosaur? A definition by a non-scientist could be “a long-tailed pterodactyl.” Why believe that the cryptid called ropen is a modern version of that kind of pterosaur? It’s not just the long tail on a reportedly featherless flying creature. Sighting reports of apparent “pterodactyls” often have a description of the end of […]

flying creature roughly sketched by eyewitness Sandra Paradise

Pterosaur Tail Vane or Flange

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Rhamphorhynchoid Tail Structure Modern pterosaur eyewitnesses often report a structure at the end of the long tail of the flying creature, with different witnesses using different words for the structure: diamond (many sightings, including Michigan, 2007) lemon shape (Indiana, about 2006) sail (Texas, about 1982) spade (Kentucky, 2008 and North Carolina in 2013) spike (New Mexico, […]

Eskin Kuhn drew this sketch one of the two pterosaurs he saw flying in Cuba

“Fiery flying serpent” (small) or giant bioluminescent Rhamphornynchoid pterosaur?

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If my memory of a few Old Testament scriptures serves me correctly, I just realized something about comparing the “fiery flying serpent” of the Bible with the ropen of Papua New Guinea. Whatever the species of snake-like animal that terrorized the people of Moses long ago (I believe it was a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur), it may […]

Marfa Lights of Texas

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I recently interviewed a man who observed several strange lights near Marfa, Texas. Driving across the country, two days earlier, Mr. Greene decided to stop at the Marfa observation station, having previously read of the strange lights. He watched the sky for hours, grateful that the flying lights were active that night. [details became available in late 2010, […]

Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn

Strange Rhamphorhynchoid

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The dominance of long tails and head crests has caused skeptics to insinuate that hoaxers are creating a hodge-podge of pterosaur characteristics, taking attributes from different types of pterosaurs and constructing a hoax thereby. Those skeptics, however, fail to carefully examine the hoax hypothesis, for there are numerous problems with the idea that hoaxes played […]