Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn

Another Ropen Sighting in Ohio

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By the living-pterosaur expert and cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb Over the past thirteen years, I have received many reports from eyewitnesses of apparent pterosaurs in the United States, including states of the Midwest, although more commonly they use one of the following words or phrases: Dragon Pterodactyl Prehistoric bird Flying dinosaur Big bat with a long tail […]

forested area around the Susqauehanna River in PA

Pennsylvania Pterosaurs

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Does a species of ropen live in Pennsylvania or at least pass through that state on occasion? We need to keep these sighting reports in context, for other eyewitnesses have seen similar featherless flying creatures in surrounding states of the USA, including Ohio and Virginia. We also need to keep in mind the concept that […]

Kentucky Pterosaur

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In my cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America, second edition, a sighting in Kentucky is explained as follows: Earlier in 2008, a man tried to reach me by telephone. After he left me a phone message, we communicated by email about his daylight sighting, which was not years but just hours earlier. “Hi, my name is [MR] […]