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Reply to a Newspaper Article in North Carolina

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pterodactyls in Raleigh, North Carolina

By the living-pterosaur cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb The News & Observer published an article, earlier this week, about a sighting by Cynthia Lee and about my ideas on non-extinct “pterodactyls,” including pterosaur sightings in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was not the first newspaper article on this kind of encounter in the USA and on my work […]

Danger to people

Flying Creatures and Missing Persons

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medium-large front cover of book by David Paulides

People go missing for a number of reasons. The following relates to some of the strangest cases, with an explanation that may shock many and appear unbelievable to others. Over the past eleven years, I have received emails from eyewitnesses from five continents, not persons who have witnessed a pterosaur carry off somebody, not that. […]

Papua New Guinea

Truth and Error in Pterosaur Endeavor

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Flying Frigate bird

Media Coverage Welcome I am grateful that some news professionals have written and published some details of living-pterosaur investigations. Whether in a prodigious newspaper like the Houston Chronicle or a small weekly community paper like the Antwerp Bee-Argus, I welcome coverage of what my associates and I have done and what eyewitnesses have seen. (See the “Pterosaur […]

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Influence of the News

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Some time ago, a well known cryptozoologist attributed many sightings of live pterosaurs to a news frenzy. I don’t recall the details, so I won’t mention the name of the cryptozoologist. But it was around the mid-1970’s and perhaps into the early 1980’s, in Texas. Newspapers in Eastern Texas were often reporting the encounters people […]

U.S.A. Sightings

“Pterodactyls” in Newspapers

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Recent newspaper headlines about living “pterodactyls” . . . well, those are more rare than modern pterosaurs, at least for most of us who read the news in major or minor cities in the United States. Perhaps editors have over-reacted to the nineteenth-century newspaper hoaxes and mid-twentieth-century big-bird stories by avoiding the subject of modern pterosaurs. Modern news […]


Sightings in Antwerp, Ohio

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The Antwerp Bee-Argus newspaper (Aug 5, 2009 issue) gave an account of two sightings over the Maumee River, Ohio: 2002 and 2003, both in the daylight heat of summer. (More detailed information is in my book Live Pterosaurs in America, published two weeks before the newspaper article.) When I first interviewed the young man, years […]