train bridge in a desert in California

Ropen Lights in Southern California?

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Ghost Lights of Anza Borrego State Park—that video appears to be no longer available online except for the first few minutes of the documentary, which introduction enlightens us on how the mysterious flying lights terrified railway workers in the nineteenth century, in a desert in Southern California. The video calls the flying lights “a large number of unexplained floating […]

Green mountain in the area of Marfa in southwest Texas

Marfa Lights and Sightings of Living Pterosaurs

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The following is taken from an email sent by Jonathan Whitcomb to one of the supporters of the living-pterosaur investigations. You have given me much to think about and I have much to say. For now, I’d like to go into Marfa Lights research by James Bunnell and also sightings of nocturnal pterosaurs and limitations on […]

front cover of a nonfiction book by James Bunnell

Comparing Interpretations of Marfa Lights

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We have an interesting selection here, for interpretations of Marfa Lights in Texas. Take your pick: Ordinary car headlights Extraordinary flying dinosaurs Dancing ghosts Effects of solar activity Plasma related to geology To narrow down the range, let’s get rid of something right away. No, not the flying dinosaurs, for the actual theory is more involved […]

Bioluminescent Barn Owls

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The other day I received a package from Australia, from Fred Silcock, who is probably the world’s leading expert on intrinsic bioluminescence in Barn Owls. One item in the package was a copy of an article from BBC Wildlife. But how do barn owls relate to reports of a live pterosaur? It’s the bioluminescence, or […]

Fiery Flying Serpent and Flying Dragons

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Translators of the King James Version of the Bible, centuries ago, lived before the English language had the words “dinosaur” and “pterosaur,” so don’t expect to find either word in an old Bible. The translators did their best in translating an interesting Old Testament phrase into English: “fiery flying serpent.” Some Bible commentators have suggested that the animals that […]

Temperatures During CE Marfa Light Sightings

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CE Marfa Lights (the designation James Bunnell gives to the mystery lights, in southwest Texas, that display characteristics suggesting chemical and/or electromagnetic aspects)—those ghost lights can appear at any time of year, in a variety of weather conditions. But eight years of data gathering indicate those lights have a preference for warmer air temperatures. Warmer […]

Cheesman Lights and Marfa Lights

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How are strange flying lights seen in New Guinea, in the 1930’s, related to strange flying lights seen recently near Marfa, Texas? Many of the CE-III Marfa Lights (so classified by the scientist James Bunnell) fly horizontally at low altitude; the lights observed by the British biologist Evelyn Cheesman, deep in the interior of the mainland […]

Marfa Lights and Big Bend

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What’s this? Marfa Lights and dragons in Big Bend, Texas? “Ghost lights” or “mystery lights” have been reported around the world, but where do dragons come in? This relates to the hypothesis that some legends of dragons come from non-extinct pterosaurs; the connection between Marfa Lights and pterosaurs has been a topic on blogs for […]

Marfa Lights, More Car Headlights

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Many explanations have been offered for Marfa Lights, including the conjecture about car headlights. That explanation takes up much space on the Wikipedia page for the mystery lights around Marfa, Texas. It deserves a brief reference. A group from The Society of Physics Students at the University of Texas at Dallas spent four days investigating and […]

Marfa Lights – From Magnetosphere or Pterosaurs?

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In James Bunnell’s book Hunting Marfa Lights, he examines the possibility that the truly mysterious Marfa Lights are related to the solar wind slamming into the earth’s magnetosphere. This idea may have come primarily from the spectacular light displays of Northern Lights and Southern Lights. A secondary factor in this conjecture relates to when the […]