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Late in 2006, Paul Nation was interviewed in his home by Jonathan Whitcomb, just days after Paul completed his expedition in Papua New Guinea 0

New Indava Expedition Planned

A new expedition is awaiting funding, with a possible commencement-date in October, 2013. Paul Nation is planning his fifth expedition in Papua New Guinea, and it will be his third one in the deep interior of the mainland; but he needs the funds,...

Bioluminescence of Pterosaurs 3

Bioluminescence of Pterosaurs

How do we know that modern pterosaurs, at least some of them, are bioluminescent? Some eyewitnesses see glowing “pterodactyls” or a large or giant flying object that shines where large or giant pterosaurs have been seen to fly. No biology textbook explains anything...

Cliff Paiva ropen light report, part one 2

Cliff Paiva ropen light report, part one

Cliff Paiva, a missile defense physicist, examined the video footage Paul Nation recorded in the late-2006 expedition on the mainland of Papua New Guinea. Paiva conducted his study from December, 2006, until about late February, 2007, and eventually came to a number of conclusions...

Indava and ropen of Papua New Guinea 7

Indava and ropen of Papua New Guinea

Since Paul Nation’s 2006 video recording of two lights on a ridge deep in the mainland of Papua New Guinea, cryptozoologists have a new name for the ropen: “indava.” It’s not that everything about the glowing indava is identical to ropen lights;...

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