Cliff Paiva’s ropen-light report, part three

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“Absence of Fire, Meteor, and Hoax” “Image Processing of Paul Nation Video” (continued) This part of the analysis showed that neither fire nor meteor is likely. Cliff Paiva reported: Plate 24 A shows in 2D neither combustion plumes (smoke) nor ionized wake trails from meteor, atmospheric penetration. Confirmation is further elaborated in the 3D representation of […]

Part two: Cliff Paiva report (two indava lights)

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The video footage obtained by Paul Nation, (late-2006 expedition, Papua New Guinea) was analyzed by the physicist Cliff Paiva (BSM Associates, California). The mountains where Nation observed the indava lights was just a little south of where Evelyn Cheesman had observed similar strange lights decades earlier. From page four (Whitcomb’s explanation for technical details of the […]

Cliff Paiva ropen light report, part one

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Cliff Paiva, a missile defense physicist, examined the video footage Paul Nation recorded in the late-2006 expedition on the mainland of Papua New Guinea. Paiva conducted his study from December, 2006, until about late February, 2007, and eventually came to a number of conclusions regarding the two lights in the video. See Pterosaur Sightings in Papua New […]