side-by-side front covers of two cryptozoology books by Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs and the 1944 Sighting

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By modern-pterosaur researcher Jonathan Whitcomb For a moment, let’s set aside my recently published book Modern Pterosaurs and see what one skeptic has written about a few pages in my older book Searching for Ropens and Finding God. A critic of our investigations has written that the army buddy of the late Duane Hodgkinson (DH) […]

Online Resources for Pterosaur and Pterodactyl

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Do a Google search with “pterodactyl” and see how many pages come up with one of the following: Music “A dormant volcano deep with the Turkish forest” “enjoyment and practice of creating art” Foul language and “comics” A video game “Enchanted Learning Software” “Pterodactyl” is even the name for a particular series of opening moves in […]

Hornbill Birds and a Live Pterosaur

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In a recent post, “Ropens, Pterosaurian Sightings And Manta Rays,” a skeptic of the possibility of living pterosaurs gave half a sentence to the subject of Hornbill birds as the cause of sighting reports of live pterosaurs (misidentification conjecture). The problem with that suggestion? Details in the sighting reports bear no resemblance to anything like a […]