One frame of the video "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid" shows shadows in almost opposite directions

Youtube Eagle Video Hoax

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Seven days before Christmas (2012), the video “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” (by “MrNuclearCat”) was uploaded to Youtube. It shows a large bird of prey grabbing a baby off the ground and beginning to carry it up into the air, at least apparently. By Christmas morning, it had received over 36 million views. (The Youtube name of a video […]

years of sighting reports showing wingspan estimates of living pterosaurs

Live Pterosaurs and Science

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Skeptics have often suggested two explanations for sightings of pterosaurs: hoaxes and misidentifications. Let’s use scientific reasoning by examining the most recent results of data compilations and analysis, for information obtained from eyewitnesses, in particular regarding the possibility of major hoax involvement. Wingspan Data After the addition of data from the many 2012 reports, we […]

“Pterodactyls” in Newspapers

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Recent newspaper headlines about living “pterodactyls” . . . well, those are more rare than modern pterosaurs, at least for most of us who read the news in major or minor cities in the United States. Perhaps editors have over-reacted to the nineteenth-century newspaper hoaxes and mid-twentieth-century big-bird stories by avoiding the subject of modern pterosaurs. Modern news […]

Black Pterosaur in Montana

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An anonymous eyewitness, a truck driver, recently reported to me an apparent pterosaur flying over a highway about 100-150 miles south of Flathead Lake in Montana. He observed it from a great distance for at least a minute, assuming it was a bird. Fortunately, it was heading right for him, so he got a better view of […]

More on Pterosaur Wingspans

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Of the fifty-seven sightings of apparent pterosaurs in which wingspan estimates were given (numerically, like “ten feet”), observed around the world and over many years, from the mid-twentieth century to the present, the graph shows longest wingspans to the right (every three feet, beginning with 3.25 feet; the furthest to the right, “p,” is 45.5 to 48.5 feet); the […]

Pterosaur Wingspan, Recent Statistics, Absence of Hoaxes

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After compiling data and analyzing what many eyewitnesses have reported, over many years, I found that the larger data now available supports the earlier conclusion that a hoax or hoaxes played no significant part in the reports. We now consider the wingspan estimates. But first we review this perspective: A number of species of pterosaurs (more […]

Press Releases on Living Pterosaurs

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Let’s pause from examining reports of Marfa Lights and examine press releases related to reports of living pterosaurs. Some relate to Papau New Guinea, others to the United States. Apparent Living Pterosaurs Seen By 1400 Americans (Aug 19, 2009) The “1400” is nothing like a count of eyewitnesses, merely a rough estimate based upon a […]

New Statistics on Sightings of Living Pterosaurs

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The latest statistics on eyewitness sightings of apparent living pterosaurs in the United States give clear evidence that no combination of hoaxes could have had any significant part in the existence of those reports. On occasion, a critic has brought up the possibility of a hoax, but these new evidences result from detailed analysis of […]

Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn

Strange Rhamphorhynchoid

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The dominance of long tails and head crests has caused skeptics to insinuate that hoaxers are creating a hodge-podge of pterosaur characteristics, taking attributes from different types of pterosaurs and constructing a hoax thereby. Those skeptics, however, fail to carefully examine the hoax hypothesis, for there are numerous problems with the idea that hoaxes played […]