Fiery Flying Serpent and Flying Dragons

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Translators of the King James Version of the Bible, centuries ago, lived before the English language had the words “dinosaur” and “pterosaur,” so don’t expect to find either word in an old Bible. The translators did their best in translating an interesting Old Testament phrase into English: “fiery flying serpent.” Some Bible commentators have suggested that the animals that […]

Eskin Kuhn drew this sketch one of the two pterosaurs he saw flying in Cuba

“Fiery flying serpent” (small) or giant bioluminescent Rhamphornynchoid pterosaur?

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If my memory of a few Old Testament scriptures serves me correctly, I just realized something about comparing the “fiery flying serpent” of the Bible with the ropen of Papua New Guinea. Whatever the species of snake-like animal that terrorized the people of Moses long ago (I believe it was a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur), it may […]