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Evolution, Religion, and Extinction of Pterosaurs 1

Evolution, Religion, and Extinction of Pterosaurs

Some skeptics of living-pterosaur investigations (including searches for the ropen), well quite a few of the skeptics, have dismissed our work because they assume that our religious bias makes us incapable of objective scientific investigation. But those skeptics may have their own bias,...

Science and Pterosaur Extinction 0

Science and Pterosaur Extinction

During my eight years of investigating reports of living pterosaurs, I never suggested that no species of pterosaur is extinct, that all of them are alive; I have simply maintained that not all species are extinct. The fossil evidence of many species (however...

Recommended Pterosaur Sites 0

Recommended Pterosaur Sites

The following are at least somewhat popular and at least above average in quality. Of course they are all friendly to the concept that some species of pterosaurs may still be living on this planet. Pterosaur Is it really meaningless to the...

Why believe in extinction? 1

Why believe in extinction?

A common objection to the idea of living pterosaurs is simply “they all became extinct millions of years ago.” But why should anyone believe that extinction idea? In Western countries, in particular the United States, universal extinctions of dinosaurs and pterosaurs is...

No Pterosaur Time Travel 0

No Pterosaur Time Travel

At least one reader of my first book, Searching for Ropens, misunderstood my comment about the idea that ancient pterosaurs, sometimes, get caught in a time hole and appear briefly in our modern world. I never believed in anything like that;  it...

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