Neutron Capture in Carbon-Dated Dinosaur Bones? That’s Way Too Awkward

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hug feels awkward between two T-Rex friends

Awkward Explanation for Carbon-14 Dated Dinosaurs Some scientists are feeling awkward trying to get their hands around a T-Rex type dinosaur that appears much younger than it “should be.” The Allosaurus remains in question were excavated in 1989 in Colorado. This type of large theropod dinosaur was supposed to have lived 150-155 million years ago, according to popular theory, during the late Jurassic period. The […]

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Dinosaur Bird

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long-tailed pterosaur seen by U.S. Marine in Cuba

Of course “dinosaur bird” is incorrect in a scientific sense, for a pterosaur is neither dinosaur nor bird. But an eyewitness like Patty Carson probably said something similar when she, as a child who had just seen a  live pterosaur in Cuba, reported her encounter to her family. In more recent years, a man in […]


Nonfiction cryptozoology books on extant pterosaurs

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Four notable non-fiction cryptozoology books (with at least some emphasis on sightings of apparent living pterosaurs) are in print or available by publishing-on-demand. I list them here in order of Amazon sales for the combined months of May-June, 2010, with “market share” under the assumption that non-Amazon sales are similar and referring to these four books […]


Why believe in extinction?

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A common objection to the idea of living pterosaurs is simply “they all became extinct millions of years ago.” But why should anyone believe that extinction idea? In Western countries, in particular the United States, universal extinctions of dinosaurs and pterosaurs is drilled into us from kindergarden onwards. No reasons for total extinction are offered, […]