reef area off the coast of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea

Ropen Sightings – Importance of Eyewitness Testimony

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How grateful I am for those who bravely step forward and report what they have encountered! Americans and other Westerners have a special challenge, for it’s difficult to say that you’ve seen a living pterosaur, whether you call it pterodactyl, ropen, dinosaur bird, or dragon. It’s difficult to report what you saw because it’s easy […]

Ropen Bioluminescence or Coincidence?

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Mount Sual (Umboi Island), where the ropen light sometimes flies For years, I have advocated multiple species of pterosaurs living in various parts of the world. Even for glowing lights in Papua New Guinea, multiple species may be involved, even when only two mountain ranges separate them. But for now, let’s consider why one species seems […]

Cheesman Lights and Marfa Lights

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How are strange flying lights seen in New Guinea, in the 1930’s, related to strange flying lights seen recently near Marfa, Texas? Many of the CE-III Marfa Lights (so classified by the scientist James Bunnell) fly horizontally at low altitude; the lights observed by the British biologist Evelyn Cheesman, deep in the interior of the mainland […]