Scott Norman and the “Pterodactyl” Photograph

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This coming July will be the ten-year anniversary of Scott Norman’s sighting of an apparent nocturnal Pteranodon in California. Scott passed away, half a year later, from natural causes, yet the large sizes of apparent extant pterosaurs, reported by some eyewitnesses in North America, may be connected to some of the more mysterious missing-persons cases […]

Bass Lake, California, April 4, 2016

Whitcomb Interviewed for the Travel Channel – Mysterious Missing Persons

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This past Monday, April 4, I was interviewed at Bass Lake, south of Yosemite, for a Travel Channel episode of “Mysteries at the National Parks.” It should be broadcast around January of 2017. Living pterosaurs will have only a minor role in this TV show. Paranormal investigator Ben Hansen is interviewed at Bass Lake, California This […]

train bridge in a desert in California

Ropen Lights in Southern California?

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Ghost Lights of Anza Borrego State Park—that video appears to be no longer available online except for the first few minutes of the documentary, which introduction enlightens us on how the mysterious flying lights terrified railway workers in the nineteenth century, in a desert in Southern California. The video calls the flying lights “a large number of unexplained floating […]

color illustration of three Imperial Woodpeckers in a forest

California Ropens – Are They Woodpeckers?

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I am actually grateful that one skeptic brought up a woodpecker interpretation for sightings of apparent pterosaurs on the west coast of the United States . . . sort of. It kicked me off my comfortable couch, to search for more information about woodpeckers and other birds, and to learn about pterosaurs that perch and birds that do not perch. Thank […]

On May 13, 2013, an eyewitness driving north on the I-5 freeway in Los Angeles, California, saw a pterosaur fly overhead, towards Glendale

Recent Pterosaur Sightings Near Griffith Park, Los Angeles

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The most recent California pterosaur sighting report that I have received is from a flyover of Interstate-5, on May 13, 2013, just southeast of Griffith Park. It was south of Los Feliz (at the I-5), in Los Angeles, just a mile and a half south of where another eyewitness observed three “dragons” flying over the same freeway, two months […]

Area near where an apparent ropen flew into the sanctuary

Dragon Pterosaurs in Southern California

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Recent Pterosaur Sightings For at least the second time in the past nine months, somebody has reported a flying “dragon” in Los Angeles County. I don’t know that they are the same species, but a few similarities deserve attention here: Locations (Southern California) June 19, 2012, in Lakewood March 3, 2013, between Griffith Park and Glendale Proximity to […]

Flying Creature in Southern California

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The following photos are not offered as direct evidence for a live pterosaur in Southern California, but as evidence that this investigation in Lakewood is serious, with continual surprises in the game-camera images. Some of the photos suggests the possibility that a ropen flies through this storm drain channel, at least on occasion a large creature is flying through it. Introduction On June 19, 2012, […]

Pterosaurs, or Flying Dragons, in California

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I’ve recently been searching online for old newspaper accounts of apparent living pterosaurs, starting with California papers. Why bother with old newspaper stories, from an era in which some stories were fabrications? That deserves a detailed explanation. The general quality of journalism in the nineteenth century, in particular in the United States, was far below what we now […]