Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur sketch

More Pterosaurs in Utah

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On August 13, 2015, I received an email from an eyewitness living South of Provo, Utah. It confirms earlier reports of apparent pterosaurs in Utah, especially nocturnal flying creatures that are very large. Here is part of what the new eyewitness reported to me: Well, last night I was outside in my backyard in Spanish Fork, UT, we […]

forested area around the Susqauehanna River in PA

Pennsylvania Pterosaurs

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Does a species of ropen live in Pennsylvania or at least pass through that state on occasion? We need to keep these sighting reports in context, for other eyewitnesses have seen similar featherless flying creatures in surrounding states of the USA, including Ohio and Virginia. We also need to keep in mind the concept that […]

train bridge in a desert in California

Ropen Lights in Southern California?

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Ghost Lights of Anza Borrego State Park—that video appears to be no longer available online except for the first few minutes of the documentary, which introduction enlightens us on how the mysterious flying lights terrified railway workers in the nineteenth century, in a desert in Southern California. The video calls the flying lights “a large number of unexplained floating […]

front cover of a nonfiction book by James Bunnell

Comparing Interpretations of Marfa Lights

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We have an interesting selection here, for interpretations of Marfa Lights in Texas. Take your pick: Ordinary car headlights Extraordinary flying dinosaurs Dancing ghosts Effects of solar activity Plasma related to geology To narrow down the range, let’s get rid of something right away. No, not the flying dinosaurs, for the actual theory is more involved […]

tree-lined Yakima River in rural Washington state

Scientists and Live Pterosaurs

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What do scientists think about pterosaur sighting reports? Many of them have probably never heard about any relevant research. We need to remember that searching for live “pterodactyls” is still within the realm of cryptozoology, for we don’t yet have any living or recently-deceased animal to examine. For now, let’s see what one biology professor has done […]

Bioluminescent Barn Owls

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The other day I received a package from Australia, from Fred Silcock, who is probably the world’s leading expert on intrinsic bioluminescence in Barn Owls. One item in the package was a copy of an article from BBC Wildlife. But how do barn owls relate to reports of a live pterosaur? It’s the bioluminescence, or […]

Pterosaur Bioluminescence and “Red Herrings”

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Recently, a cryptozoologist critical to the possibility of a live pterosaur dismissed all potential sightings of bioluminescent pterosaurs as marsh gas or “spook lights.” He referred to all potential sightings of bioluminescent pterosaurs as “red herrings.” It was actually only a brief aside on a blog post titled “Ropens, Pterosaurian Sightings And Manta Rays,” but that critic seems […]

David Woetzel, American cryptozoologist and explorer

Woetzel ropen sighting of 2004

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“Ropen” is what natives of Umboi Island call the nocturnal flying creature, and legends abound. Most eyewitnesses have only seen it from a distance, at night, and they describe a strange flying light. David Woetzel led the second ropen expedition on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, late in 2004, accompanied by fellow-American cryptozoologist Garth Guessman. […]